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Blocking the Life Force or Chi May 22, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Life Balance, Mindfulness.

220px-Alice_par_John_Tenniel_27When my “mojo” goes missing . . . it’s often because I’m using  energy to “repress” something I don’t want to face.

It’s exhausting to keep stuffing things away to deal with LATER.

It’s like trying to hold an inflated ball under water when it wants to surface.

When something wants to surface, and we are resisting that natural force and flow, we must use  counter-balancing  energy to keep it submerged.

That counter-balancing energy opposes the natural flow and chi . . . blocking chakras, especially our “funny bone chakra.”

Going to Laughter Yoga seems like a wonderful way to get “unstuck.”

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1. Paula Tohline Calhoun - May 22, 2011

If I didn’t laugh at least a dozen times a day, I think I would be dead by now – uh-oh. . .hear comes another bout. . .bwa-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaaaaaaa. . .

Thanks Nancy! This is such a true, real thing! More people need to practice it – and the real thing is surprisingly easy to do – especially if we laugh at ourselves. I, personally, am an endless source of my own merriment!

nrhatch - May 22, 2011

Often, when we least feel like laughing . . . we most need to indulge in a heart belly laugh.

Like Mary Poppin’s uncle . . . I love to laugh.

The more I laugh . . . the more I feel with glee
And the more the glee . . . the more I’m a merrier me.

2. oldancestor - May 22, 2011

Heck yeah. Sometimes I need to deal with something and it’s like a literal weight on my shoulders. Eventually I realize that weight is worse than the thing I need to handle.

nrhatch - May 22, 2011

The “what is” . . . is.
How we relate to the issue IS the issue.

Laughter is a great way to lose some “weight.” 😉

I am finally making my way through today’s posts and shall be checking out PFC in the near future.

3. Joanne - May 22, 2011

So, so, so true ~ EVERY WORD OF IT…

Remember this tune.. “Oh, the funny bone’s connected to the… hip bone” ~ that’s off the top of my head at the moment ~ cause it’s HIP to be FUNNY when you need to get your mojo back…! Thanks for the light-hearted reminder, Nancy 😀

nrhatch - May 22, 2011

Here’s to getting unstuck through life enhancing laughter! 😀

4. viewfromtheside - May 23, 2011

i think that’s why we need a friend to talk over the issues, have a coffee or glass of wine and laugh together

nrhatch - May 23, 2011

Yesterday, BFF and I had a l~o~n~g chat in the afternoon about where and who we are . . . and where we’re headed from here.

I’m fairly certain that our laughter unblocked some chi. 😀

5. eof737 - May 23, 2011

Hope you enjoyed your yoga class… I spent the weekend doing Reiki refreshers to keep my Reiki Master standing on point. I love these healing modalities and wish more will take advantage of the gifts that come from them. :-)… wonderful for you!

nrhatch - May 23, 2011

Actually, I didn’t take a laughter yoga class . . . I do laugh throughout my day and it always improves my chi. 😀

Yoga, T’ai Chi, Meditation, Reiki . . . and Laughter. Wonderful ways to de-stress and access our inner wisdom.

6. Tilly Bud - May 23, 2011

You’re right. You just made me see there’s something I have to do that I’ve been putting off. best to get it out of the way and then it won’t be hanging over me.

We are silly creatures sometimes.

nrhatch - May 23, 2011

Good luck, Tilly. Sometimes we get blocked from doing what we know we need to do. But postponing the inevitable rarely works to our advantage.

Here’s to being silly . . . and making ourselves laugh. 😀

7. Cindy - May 23, 2011

Thanks for this, I have great anxiety at the moment about my deadline and am confounding it by procrastinating 😦

nrhatch - May 23, 2011

Some deadlines keep us “on track”
Others “de-rail” us


8. ceceliafutch - May 23, 2011

Thank you for this post. Good reminder of the healing gift of laughter. 🙂

nrhatch - May 23, 2011

Laughter is one of the most beneficial things that we can do for ourselves ~ it increases the seratonin in our brain which aids the immune system in counter-balancing the effects of stress. And . . . it FEELS good.

Smile, smile, laugh for a while
The good times don’t come easy

Thanks, Cecelia

9. suzicate - May 23, 2011

Laughter really IS the best medicine!

nrhatch - May 23, 2011

However I feel before I laugh (good, bad, or indifferent), I always feel better after I laugh.

Like balloons, we are uplifted and inflated when we laugh. 😀

10. jannatwrites - May 24, 2011

I like the image of holding the inflated ball under the water – that IS what it feels like when we ignore what we need to deal with.

nrhatch - May 24, 2011

Thanks, Janna.

When an issue surfaces, bobbing around the surface of our conscious thoughts, we can either deal with it or shove it under again.

Trying to keep the issue submerged seldom works for long.

11. Greg Camp - May 24, 2011

Bubbles under the surface, struggling to get free? Allow me to recommend to you some spiritual fiber. And a good book to read while things work themselves out. 😉

nrhatch - May 24, 2011


Sometimes the best thing to do is let nature take her course . . . 😀

12. Naomi - May 25, 2011

Well said, Nancy…and thanks for the laugh about the “funny-bone chakra”!

nrhatch - May 25, 2011

Here’s to our “funny bone chakras” . . . they help us maintain our equilibrium.

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