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What’s Up? May 26, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, People, Word Play.
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The-Pink-PantherNot long ago, I attended a Potluck Supper for our street. BFF stayed home with a “stomach bug.”

(Yeah, right.)

Overall, a pleasant evening with a good turn-out and yummy food (even for vegetarians) but I noticed something alarming:

What’s up with people starting conversations by saying . . . What’s up? 

All night long, people in their 60’s and up, who’ve had a lifetime to perfect the art of conversing over cocktails, would wander over, smile, and attempt to shift the burden for the conversation to me:

* What’s up?

* What have you been up to?

* How’s it hanging?  (Well, not really, but they might have . . .)

* What have you been doing? 

Seriously.  Every conversation, of more than a baker’s dozen, started with  What’s up? . . . or a variant thereof.  

Donald-Duck-BaseballWhat a subtle and insidious way to put immediate pressure on the addressee (in this case, ME!) to come up with an interesting topic for conversation rather than assuming responsibility for getting the conversation started by sharing some interesting insight into life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.

What’s up with that?

I understand that starting conversations with a generic question is safer than launching directly into a potentially treacherous debate amid the life-threatening minefields of politics, religion, or global warming, but still . . .

What about opening with your delight that the world is still revolving on its axis, or how you (or your darling grandkids) plan to spend the summer holidays, or by sharing a chuckle about  how your New Year’s Resolution to become a better conversationalist has fallen by the wayside?

Oh, my responses? 

After I realized the lay of the land, I just started throwing the ball right back into their court:

* Not much!  How ’bout with you?

* We’ve been hibernating to stay out of the sun.  How ’bout you?

* Just goofin’ off.  How ’bout you?

* You know, same ol’, same ol’ ~ how ’bout you?

Wait!  I’ve got an idea!

150px-Carlo_Crivelli_052Next time someone asks me What’s Up?, I’ll say I’m writing a book ~ The Art of Conversation for Dummies

I’ll ask for tips on:

* Conversation Starters

* Conversations Gone Bad

* Extricating Foot from Mouth

* Ill-timed Toasts (with an introduction by President Obama)

* The Idiot’s Guide to Terminating Conversations with Dummies

Paula’s already got just the cover:  Just For Nancy!

So . . . what’s up with you guys?

No rules.  Just write!

* * * * *

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