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The Sanest Banana In The Bunch May 8, 2011

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The Sanest Banana in the Bunch recognizes that . . .

* How it relates to the issue IS the issue.

* Sometimes it must accept the “what is,” as is.

* Shaking its fist at the sky will not stop the rain.

* It cannot please all the people all the time . . . but it can please itself.

* Happiness arises of its own accord when what it does, what it thinks, and what it says are in harmony.

* It has as many reputations as acquaintances and none is accurate.

* Happiness is not in things, it is in us.

* To be the best it can be, it must tend its garden and mind its own business.

* It is the only expert on its life.

* Its purpose is to discover its purpose and pursue it with passion.

The Sanest Banana in the Bunch . . . is comfortable in its own skin. ~ BFF

Happy Mother’s Day! May 8, 2011

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To all the Mothers, Grandmothers, Moms and Grandmas:

Have a memory making day filled with loved ones and sweet surprises:

Love grows within
You are the garden
Nurture yourself

On that gardening note . . . can anyone identify this plant for Flying Gma?

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