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Kate’s Blogging Trapeze May 11, 2011

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Wikipedia ~ Flying Trapeze (in Public Domain)

Kate’s posts never fail to amaze and amuse me.

She starts with some obscure point in this vast multi-faceted Universe, weaves through moving traffic with ease, switches gears a time or two (or six), and scores a touchdown or home run every time.

She takes topics that I am certain hold no interest or appeal to me . . . and  turns them into tantalizing fare that we (her loyal fans) gleefully and joyfully gobble up.

Not content to limit her writing prowess to a single place, theme, or time, Kate’s posts are a veritable time machine (a Wonka-vator) pulling and pushing us through the space~time continuum as she addresses:

History ~ Concealment Shoes
Architecture ~ Gateway
Art ~ Inventions & Castles in the Air
Forestry ~ Paradise Singed
Husbandry ~ The Life of a Spit-Roasting Dog
Travel ~ Let me take you to Rio!
Leisure ~ Stick the Kettle on
Literature ~ Picnicking with Martians

One bit of advice before you head round . . . plan to stay awhile.  As Kate says on her home page:

Welcome to the site, pour a cup of tea, sit down at the kitchen table. We range through all sorts here, from Ian Dury to Shakespeare, and the backchat bests the original post. Stroll round the shelves and see what takes your fancy. Have a good read!

She flies through the air with the greatest of ease.  That daring young girl on the blogging trapeze.   Her writing is graceful.  Her fans, they adore.

After swinging round once . . . you’ll swing back for more.

Think & Drink: The Naked Universe May 11, 2011

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Because we have an entertainment budget of approximately $10 a month, we are always on the lookout for interesting and FREE things to do in the area.

Tonight . . . we’re headed to the South Florida Museum in Bradenton for the beginning of a NEW Think and Drink series.

The Naked Universe:

Our universe consists of just four basic parts:

Space, Time, Matter and Energy.

They are woven together into a tapestry that we experience almost seamlessly, so we rarely give them, individually, much thought. But if we really want to appreciate the universe in which we live, we ought to pay a little attention to the parts that make up the whole. So, we (Jeff Rodgers and some special guests) thought we’d give each of these major aspects of the universe some thought.

The Naked Universe is a four part series that will uncover Space (May), Time (June), Matter (July) and Energy (August).

Tonight’s conversation will center around Space:

It would have been nice to have been there to witness the Big Bang. The only problem is, there would have been no there. There was no Space; space itself was created in the Bang and has been expanding ever since.

What is space? Is it nothing, or is it something? If it forms the stage on which universal events play out, what does that stage look like? Is our universe one of many?

We don’t promise answers to all of these questions, but we do promise a mind-expanding conversation.

Mind-expanding, thought-provoking, and . . . FREE!

No rules.  Just write!

What about you?

Do you have favorite FREE activities that you enjoy to stretch your entertainment budget a bit further?

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