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Happy Mother’s Day! May 14, 2023

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In organizing some archival documents this week, I came across a handmade Mother’s Day Card written by my older brother in 1964, when he was 7 1/2 years old:

Dear Mommy,

I love your mink coat.  I also love you more then [sic] the mink coat.



He must have been feeling especially prolific that year, because I came across a second handmade Mother’s Day Card written by him the same year:

Dear Mother,

I hope you will have the best Mother day [sic] anyboby [sic] ever had before!!



Here, I will echo his sentiments:

To all the wonderful Moms, Mothers, and Mommies out there ~

I hope you will have the best Mother’s Day anybody ever had!!



Aah . . . that’s better! 


A Step In The Right Direction March 26, 2023

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I tend to steer clear of controversial topics here on SLTW.  Most of the time, anyway.

In point of fact, even a charitable observer might point out that I have steered clear of any and all topics here on SLTW.  Since January, anyway.

Point taken.

Anyway, I hope that what I say here will not anger my readers unduly, but I feel it must be said:

Getting Old . . . isn’t always a step in the right direction.

Yesterday, I was prepping salad fixings in the kitchen when I noticed that the back of my left heel was complaining vociferously each time I shifted positions.

The pain had materialized out of the blue with no warning shot fired.

It was as if my body had commanded:

Let there be pain.

And there was pain, and it was NOT good.

I scanned my activities of the previous day to see if I had over-used or abused my Achilles Tendon in any way, shape, or form and saw nothing that would explain the pain.

At first.

I had engaged in normal ADL’s all day ~ rising ablutions, a light break fast, brain games, paying bills, checking e-mails, fresh fruit for lunch, biking to the clubhouse to play Bridge, shelving books in the communal library . . .

Something niggled at the edges of my admittedly aged memory.

Had I over-stretched my reach when reshelving books on the top shelves?


Could I have stretched my Achilles Tendon to the breaking point?


Ach!  What to do with an aching Achilles Tendon?

To stretch, or not to stretch, that was my next question.

Instead of racing to the Bat Cave for answers, I hobbled from the kitchen to my office to confer with that sage giver of advice . . .


Google advised me that IF it was torn or ruptured, I was going to be side-lined for some time.

I decided to take it easy for the rest of the weekend to see if there was any improvement before contacting an approved medical provider for assistance.

In short, I listened to my body.

And . . . when I arose this morning, it felt somewhat better.  I’ll continue not to overstretch my reach for a few more days, but it appears that I may already be on the road to recovery.

Aah . . . a step in the right direction!

Have any of you noticed as you traveled again and again around the sun that unexplained injuries arise with increasing frequency?

Or that even normal ADL’s conspire to produce lumps, bumps, bruises, contusions, sprains, pains?

Or that conversations with fellow agers tend to gravitate to current health ailments more often than when in our 20’s and 30’s?

If you are still in your 20’s and 30’s, feel free to share something hip and happening with us Golden Oldies.  We like to live vicariously!

The Cinema Of Georges Melies January 31, 2023

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If you’ve seen the movie HUGO or read the book, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, you already have a basic familiarity with the groundbreaking film maker Georges Melies and his magical realm of dreams on screens.

If not, have a quick look:

Before mega-blockbuster cinema and million-dollar special effects, there was Georges Melies, an illusionist turned filmmaker. When cinema was in its infancy, he pioneered a wide variety of film techniques. Showcase’s Alican Pamir takes you into the world of cinema’s first great fantasy filmmaker.

Aah . . . that’s magic!

A DIY Hobbit House January 26, 2023

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Stewart Grant, now 89, moved into a cottage he bought as a wreck (no roof, no windows, and no doors).  He found it so satisfying doing DIY on the quirky outbuilding (which dated back 200 years and used to house a pig) that he decided to make it his home.

Now tourists from all over the world, especially France, stop by to check it out.

One suggested he have a collection box.  Since then, all donations have been passed on to charities.

Another wee glimpse when Stewart was in his 70’s:

Aah . . . Bilbo Baggins would love this!

Practice Makes Perfect January 24, 2023

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Hearts, like eggs, are fragile.

However, once broken open, infinite possibilities await.

We can collapse into a pool of tears, become hard-boiled (or scrambled) by the ways of the world, or emerge sunny-side up.

Just remember, even a master chef can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs:

Aah . . . that’s better!

Baby, It’s C~O~L~D Outside! December 23, 2022

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Hope that Elliot doesn’t wreak havoc with your Christmas plans and that you devise ways to stay warm amid this windy wintry weather.

We are under a wind chill advisory for tonight.  That doesn’t happen often around here.  Here’s hoping that warmer weather returns in due course.

In the meantime, have a Hot Toddy!

Aah . . . that’s better!

How The Grinch Stole . . . My Blog! December 21, 2022

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Well, to be honest, it’s not my blog that’s been stolen.  It’s right here.  It’s my blogging mojo that’s gone missing.

No, not “Moose Juice” . . . MoJo.

Nope, not Moo Juice . . . MoJo.

Nope, not Goose Juice either.  Although maybe a good night’s sleep (or a long winter’s nap) is what I need!

Moo-ving on . . .

In all fairness, I don’t know that the Grinch is responsible, but by pointing my finger at him (and his hairy green prone-to-thievery fingers), I’m hoping that my blogging mojo will be returned to me bright and early on Christmas morning.


Before the Feast.  (Ours will be sans roast beast!)

If not on Christmas, I expect my Moose Juice will be back on Boxing Day.

Tuesday at the latest.

In the meantime, a Jolly Holiday to all . . . including the~the~the~the~Grinch!

Aah . . . that’s better!

Echoes In Rain November 11, 2022

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My current favorite song of ALL time . . . for now, anyway, is Echoes in Rain by Enya.

She sings lots of my favorite songs, but there is something so magically resonant about Echoes in Rain (with lyrics).

Want to hear it again?

Here’s a version of Echoes in Rain (with Enya singing in front of full orchestral accompaniment).

And now for a quick update on the AMES Competition:

Emily’s team won all 3 categories.

Best oralist, brief and overall team.

For a summary in Harvard Law Today:  The Ames Game

Aah . . . that’s magic!

A Vicarious Thrill November 9, 2022

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My niece is a 3rd year student at Harvard Law School.

Last year, her Moot Court Team made it to the finals of the Ames Moot Court Competition

The Ames Competition is one of the most prestigious competitions for appellate brief writing and advocacy in the country. Students participating in the Final Round started the competition in the fall of their 2L year.  From there, two teams progress to the Final Round through their strong research abilities and excellent written and oral advocacy. The Final Round is traditionally judged by this country’s preeminent jurists.

The oral arguments for Ames 2022 are right around the corner.

Let the Countdown begin:

Aah . . . that’s brilliant!

The oral arguments are tomorrow night!  Click HERE for more information on the 2022 Final Round.

For a summary in Harvard Law Today:  The Ames Game

La Bella Luna November 7, 2022

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Total Lunar Eclipse tonight:

A lunar eclipse happens when the sun, Earth and moon align. During a full lunar eclipse, the moon falls completely in the Earth’s shadow. The phenomenon causes the moon to appear red, often nicknamed a “blood moon.”

When to watch:

The real show begins at totality, when the entire moon enters Earths’ umbra. On Nov. 8, this will occur at 5:17 a.m. EST (1017 GMT) and will last about 85 minutes, ending at 6:42 a.m. EST (1142 GMT), according to NASA. “The moon will turn a coppery-red. Try binoculars or a telescope for a better view,” NASA wrote.

Where to watch:

As long as skies are clear, the Nov. 8 lunar eclipse will be visible from anywhere across the United States and the rest of North America, according to TimeAndDate.com. People in Asia, Australia, most of South America and parts of northern and eastern Europe also will be able to see this eclipse.

Aah . . . that’s bella!

The next full lunar eclipse will occur on March 14, 2025, but there will be partial lunar eclipses before then, according to NASA.