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A DIY Hobbit House January 26, 2023

Posted by nrhatch in Home & Garden, Humor, People, Sustainable Living.

Stewart Grant, now 89, moved into a cottage he bought as a wreck (no roof, no windows, and no doors).  He found it so satisfying doing DIY on the quirky outbuilding (which dated back 200 years and used to house a pig) that he decided to make it his home.

Now tourists from all over the world, especially France, stop by to check it out.

One suggested he have a collection box.  Since then, all donations have been passed on to charities.

Another wee glimpse when Stewart was in his 70’s:

Aah . . . Bilbo Baggins would love this!



1. Ally Bean - January 26, 2023

What a home! Creative people, they’re everywhere.

nrhatch - January 26, 2023

Isn’t it something! I love that he allows tours and contributes any proceeds to charity. What a guy!

2. Kate Crimmins - January 26, 2023

I love his accent!

nrhatch - January 26, 2023

Yes! A bit of a Scottish brogue about him. LD

Kate Crimmins - January 26, 2023

A big bit!

3. mybeautfulthings - January 26, 2023

Wonderful creativity! Everything about it is quirky, imaginative and charming. I love his storage solutions and I love his garden. 🙂

nrhatch - January 26, 2023

So creative and clever!

If you decide on a road trip to the Highlands, you can swing by for a visit!

mybeautfulthings - January 27, 2023

Indeed – and we have haven’t been to the Highlands so maybe that’s a trip in the offing. 🙂

nrhatch - January 28, 2023

Never? I’d pictured you traipsing over the whole of the British Isles . . . from Glen to Ben Nevis!

4. Rivergirl - January 26, 2023

How wonderful! He could make a fortune using it as an AirBnB.

nrhatch - January 26, 2023

It would be a fun place to stay!

5. Bruce @ walkingoffthechessboard - January 26, 2023

This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “tiny house,” which seems to be big these days as people downsize their living space. So much skill and craftmanship on display here!

nrhatch - January 26, 2023

I loved seeing all the nooks and crannies that he’d incorporated into his tiny design . . . including the toaster!

6. L. Marie - January 27, 2023

He looks like a hobbit. 😊What a perfect home for him. And how wonderful that people come to see it. The donation box is a good thing!

nrhatch - January 28, 2023

Yes! Or like a spry little elf! The house does seem just the right fit for him ~ a charming tinkerer.

7. Mark Petruska - January 29, 2023

And there’s plenty of room for second breakfast!

nrhatch - January 30, 2023

Is it possible to “break fast” more than once a day? 😀

Mark Petruska - January 31, 2023

I’d say that depends on the time of day and the food being served, though at some point it’s going to bleed over into brunch.

nrhatch - February 1, 2023

Breakfast ~> Brunch ~> Lunch = All Good!

8. Debra - January 30, 2023

Absolutely charming! I would love to have an in-person tour, but I’m glad to have seen the video. He seems like such a wonderfully creative and generous soul!

nrhatch - January 30, 2023

Agreed. Charming + Creative + Generous with a fab accent ta boot!

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