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Freshly Pressed Blogging Stats May 25, 2011

Posted by nrhatch in Blogging, Word Play, Writing & Writers.
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According to Freshly Pressed, there are 387,398 bloggers on WordPress this morning who, when last I checked, had posted 469,443 new posts. 

Those stats, as impressive as they are, don’t surprise me in the least. 

Millions of bloggers on WordPress (and elsewhere) want to share their thoughts and insights with the CyberWorld ~ interacting with others as compensation for their efforts.   

You may be one of them.  

We want to post pieces that elicit reaction from fellow writers and readers.  We want to interact with others.  If we didn’t want to interact, we would hide in our offices, locked away from the world, tapping on keyboards while twirling around in fancy executive chairs pretending to be important.

If we didn’t want to interact with others, we would be writing on our stand-alone PCs in  Word, rather than posting our words in CyberSpace for the world to see.   We would be sending private missives and queries to publishers . . . and licking our wounds after each rejection . . . all behind closed doors.   

Some of us wouldn’t even bother with queries.  Instead, we would shove completed manuscripts in our desk drawers for posthumous publication.

We are blogging because we have something to say that we want the world to hear.  We enjoy exchanging ideas with others.   

After we press “Publish,” we want to hear what others think about our thoughts and insights, especially if a “Here!  Here!” . . . a “LOL” . . . or a “Bravo” is tossed into the mix.

Some of us didn’t fit in with the playground crowd, or the cliques in school, or the folks hanging around the water cooler.  We watched from the sidelines,  observed interactions, and took notes, filing our thoughts away for future reference.  Now, at last, we have a forum, a platform, a podium, where we can have our cake and eat it too ~ we can sit in the safety of our offices, twirling around in our fancy executive chairs, while sharing our thoughts and words  with the world through the relative anonymity of the Internet.


That’s why the number of bloggers and new posts doesn’t surprise me. 

What does surprise me is that, at last tally, there were 469,443 new posts and only 443,574 new comments. 

Where’s the FUN in that?

No rules.  Just write!