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Virtue June 30, 2011

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Wikipedia ~ Aristotle (in Public Domain)

Virtue means doing the right thing, in relation to the right person, at the right time, to the right extent, in the right manner, and for the right purpose. 

Thus, to give money away is quite a simple task, but for the act to be virtuous, the donor must give to the right person, for the right purpose, in the right amount, in the right manner, and at the right time. 

~ Aristotle

No wonder it’s so hard to know if we are doing the “right” thing.

There are so many “right” angles to evaluate that it’s easy to make a left turn without realizing it.

Especially if our eyes are closed.

No rules!  Just right!

Show Some Emotion June 29, 2011

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Brian-with-coffee-and-newspaperYesterday’s post spawned some interesting comments and observations . . . and also a bit of curiosity.

The most asked question . . .

How to create :mrgreen: ?

It’s easy.  Just type : mrgreen : without the spaces.     :mrgreen:

What if you want to roll your eyes in cyberspace?  🙄
Type : roll : without the spaces.       :roll:

I know what you’re thinking.  That’s cool!  😎
It is : cool :      :cool:

But remember to leave out the spaces or your face will be red. : oops :    :oops:

And, if you’re already having a tough day, that might make you : cry :    :cry:

❓  If something makes no sense . . .  : ? :     :?:

Want to : razz : someone?    : razz : away!  😛
Just remember it’s not nice to : razz :  Mother Nature!    :razz:

Hey!  That’s a brilliant : idea : !   :idea:

Safety Tip:  When working with sockets, try not to : shock : yourself!     :shock:

No rules.  Just write!

What about you?  How do you Show Some Emotion in cyberspace?

Insanity June 28, 2011

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Grumpy gusYesterday, a frequent commenter on SLTW accused me of being “truly” insane:

My humble and guarded opinion then must be that you are the first and only person I have ever met who may be ‘truly’ insane.

She may be right.

If “insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results” (as some have defined it), she may be correct in her assessment . . . at least with respect to my interactions with her.

Over the course of the past year, she has called me names, interrupted discussion threadstossed out unwarranted accusations, resurrected stale disputes, offered skewed interpretations of innocent posts, etc.

During the same period of time, I’ve attempted to explain, on more than one occasion, why her comments (and tantrums) are not always well received:

Rules of the House

Life is NOT A Free-For-All

The Queen of Hearts

When explaining the rules didn’t work to quell her enthusiasm, when deleting inappropriate comments didn’t solve the problem, when attempting to reason with her didn’t improve the situation, I put her in the Time Out Box.

All to no avail.

In her latest gambit to “get my goat” and/or “rock my boat,” she placed herself in the role of amateur  psychiatrist, offering her “humble opinion” that I am insane.

Hmm . . . she’s got a point.

I have been doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  And nothing has changed . . . for obvious reasons:

* We cannot change others.  We can only change ourselves.

* The “what is” is.

* How we relate to the issue IS the issue.

After mindfully considering the foregoing, I’ve decided that how I relate to “the issue” is going to change, starting . . . NOW.

Hand-moving-chess-pieceIf “the issue” leaves a comment, it will remain, unopened, in the Time Out Box.  I will no longer read her taunts, post her negative comments, or respond to her diatribes against me or others.  I shall relate to “the issue” by kicking her comments aside, like pebbles, as I continue on my path.

Maybe she’ll finally get the message.

Quote:  Barn’s burnt down ~ now I can see the moon.  Masahide (1657-1723)

No rules.  Just write!

What about you?

What have you postponed doing that turned out to be easier than expected?

Damn Yankees! June 28, 2011

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Wikipedia ~ Hammer Throw (in Public Domain)

My great-grandmother lived in the Scottish Highlands.

Her son, my maternal grandfather,  emigrated to the US in his 20′s.

There, he met and married my grandmother.  My mother resulted from their union.

Like many Highlanders who climb the hills, my great-grandmother remained agile and spry well into her 90′s.

During a visit in autumn, my grandfather walked into her kitchen one morning and started shivering.

As he rubbed his arms to warm up, my great-grandmother snorted in disgust, jumped up on the counter, and slammed down the window.

Turning to my grandfather, and using her strongest Scottish brogue, she declared:

Och, ye damn yankees . . . ye cannae stan a wee bit of fresh aire!

What a bonnie highlander!

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Paint-By-Numbers Spirituality June 27, 2011

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Wikipedia ~ Cinderella (Fair Use)

Some people set out to be “spiritual” in a paint-by-numbers fashion.

At the outset, they define “spirituality” as being, for example, kind, loving, compassionate, etc.

Being perceived as possessing those chosen attributes becomes the “destination.”

They are a bit like Cinderella’s step-sisters trying to cram their swollen feet into the proffered glass slipper by cutting off offending heels and toes.

In the end, they don’t fool anyone . . . they just create a bloody mess.

On the spiritual journey, we become less concerned with the perceptions we create with others.  Instead of using their opinions as an external reference point or destination, we use an internal yardstick to measure our progress.

In time, we realize that increased peace and happiness, not perfection, is the only barometer we need.

Aah . . . that’s better!

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Between a Rock and a Buddha Place June 26, 2011

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Tigger-BouncingSomeone once accused me of not being a Buddhist monk.

The accusation didn’t bother me since (1) I’m not Buddhist; (2) I’ve never aspired to Monkdom; and (3) I don’t care what others think of me.

If someone wants to waste time  judging me and my perceived spiritual short-comings, that’s their business.

Although the intended insult bounced off its mark, it did get me thinking . . .

Where am I on my spiritual path? 

After mindful consideration of that question, the answer floated up to me:

Between a rock and a Buddha place. 

Both sit in silent stillness.  Neither is impacted by stress and dis-ease.  Both are accepting of the environment around them.  Neither is angry, greedy, envious, or jealous.

But only one is fully awake and aware.


Wikipedia ~ Buddha (in Public Domain)

At this point, I’m probably closer to the rock than the Buddha place.  That’s OK.

Most Buddhas start out as rocks and emerge only after they chisel away everything that doesn’t look like a Buddha.

No rules.  Just write! 

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Quick! Hit De-Paws Button! June 26, 2011

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When Tigger gets riled up while playing, his pretend attack mode sometimes turns into an actual attack sequence. 

BFF and I become nothing more than prey.

Since we don’t enjoy being “sliced and diced” by sharp claws or punctured by tiny teeth, we found a secret weapon to defuse Tigger before serious casualties ensue.

It’s the Pause button . . . or more precisely, the De-Paws button.

Once activated, Tigger’s claws retract and he purrs in contentment.  We become friends once again.

Want to see our secret weapon?

Here it is:

No rules.  Just write!

The Way Teaches Us The Way June 25, 2011

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Recently, I read a post that set out to define “genuine spirituality” out of a stated concern that people might be duped by watered down and inappropriate definitions.  

Not seeing how genuine spirituality could ever be “watered down,” or how someone in touch with their inner wisdom could be “duped,” I replied, in part:

We see the world behind our eyes ~ we look at the world through the clouded lens of our own experiences.

What is right for one will not be right for all.

To progress on our spiritual journey, we need not play “traffic cop” for others.  It is not our job to ensure that “they” are on the right path . . . that is their job. 

Our job is to follow our path.

When we need something, Spirit places it in our path.

It is up to us to notice the winks, whispers, and nudges intended for our eyes, ears, and hearts.

When we are in tune with Spirit, we focus on our own path, and stop looking over our shoulders to see what others are doing. 

We trust that Spirit will light the path for others as it has illuminated our own.

In response to my comment, the moderator defended paternalistic concerns by saying, in part:

I don’t think anyone here is trying to play “traffic cop” for others.  

They may simply not want others to be led astray due to their heart-felt concern.

Hmm . . . what if being “led astray” is part of their path?

The best way to cripple a butterfly is to interfere with its efforts to emerge from the cocoon.

Our struggle to emerge is part of the path.

No rules.  Just write! 

What about you?  Have you ever interceded on someone’s behalf only to later realize your efforts stunted their growth rather than enhancing it?

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Photo Challenge ~ Refreshing June 25, 2011

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What’s refreshing in summer?

Catching a wave in the surf

Planting an umbrella in the turf

Taking a quick dip in the pool

Relaxing in the shade to stay cool

Chilling with friends in the tall grass 

Watch out for gators . . . 

Congregatoring en masse!

No rules.  Just write!

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Unusual Angles June 24, 2011

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Donald-DuckaSLTW often offers an unusual angle or slant on issues like bullying,  marriage, infidelity, suicide, and religion.

When we think for ourselves about matters of import, rather than accepting the “standard wisdom” on a subject, people may look at us a bit askance.

If we shrug off their censure, it throws them for a loop . . .  because they view the goal of life as conformity.

They want to fit in with the pack.

Not me . . . I’m no longer interested in playing Follow The LeaderSimon SaysMother May I? or Monkey See, Monkey Do.

I feel far more balanced now than when I viewed life through the skewed and clouded lens of the fearful and fragile Ego.

I’m no longer thrown “off kilter” by looking over my shoulder to emulate others or conform to their expectations.

My life is my own . . . with all its unusual angles.

Quotes to Ponder:

* He who trims himself to suit everyone else will soon whittle himself away. ~Raymond Hull

* The Spiritual path requires renunciation, a letting go of attachment to self-centered Ego concerns, such as the desire for approval.

* Nature does not ask, “what do they want me to be?”  Its glory lies in its authenticity.

No rules.  Just write!

What about you?

Do you worry about what “they” think of you?  Or do you embrace the unusual angles and unique slant of your life?

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