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Saving the Best for Last! January 24, 2012

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This afternoon, I went to a book signing at Ginny and Jane E’s on the island to meet a blogging buddy, Renee Fisher (right), and her co-authors, Jean Peelen (left) and Joyce Kramer (seated).

What a blast!

Some of you may know Renee as the author of  Life in the Boomer Lane, a witty and humorous blog for “women of a certain age” . . . and for anyone else who enjoys laughing hard (even if they do need to take a quick potty break to avoid having an . . . um . . . accident).

Renee’s most recent series dealt with her good friend Susan’s exploits in the hairy scary world of on-line dating:  Sex and the Sixty (Year Old) ~ Part 1 through Part 5.  The series ended with a hue and cry from Renee’s readers for “More!” . . . and a Rebuttal from one of the men Susan dated who wanted to clear his good name.

If you haven’t yet met Renee, swing round Life in the Boomer Lane next time you’re in the mood to be amused.

Back to the book signing:

Renee, Jean, and Joyce met 17 years ago at a transformative workshop, Lifespring.

They became fast friends and have since co-authored two books together:

* Invisible No More ~ The Secret Lives of Women Over 50 (2005)

“For these three brave women, life began at 50 years of age when they made a decision to be honest about themselves.  Thankfully, they have shared their stories with us.”

~ Betty Friedan, author of The Feminine Mystique

* Saving the Best for Last ~ Creating Our Lives After 50 (2009).  From Amazon:

Due to the overwhelming response to the authors’ first book, Invisible No More: The Secret Lives of Women Over 50, Saving the Best For Last incorporates several new chapters, as well as an exciting interactive element throughout.   You, the reader, can not only read Renee’s, Jean’s and Joyce’s enlightening and very real experiences of aging and reinvention, you can also participate in powerful life changing individual and group exercises and processes that will forever change the way you see the years after 50.  The three authors speak candidly about many topics, including:  sexuality *  dating and mating * money * faith and spirituality * our mothers * loss * friendship.

As you, too, pass the threshold of fifty, you may discover, as these women did, that this is a moment in your life to celebrate ~ a beginning, rather than an ending.  This is a journey you will not want to miss.  Saving the Best For Last is your roadmap and your guidebook.

For more information on these amazing, FUN, talented, and vibrant ladies:  Invisible No More

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