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California, Here I Come! January 14, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Magick & Mystery, Mindfulness, Music & Dance.
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The Universe works in mysterious ways.

Anne on Fire wrote California Dreaming ~ a post about wanting to escape the Chicago winter by going to California. 

The Universe gave her a “wink” . . . 

“Where I wanted sunny California, I got a snowy sign called the California el stop in Chicago.  Ouch!”

Sophie B. Hawkin’s song, California, Here I Come, came to mind last night as I read Anne’s post. 

I couldn’t listen to it then because BFF was asleep.

I just listened to it now . . . and it “spoke to me” about how I’ve been relating to certain recent issues ~ “running, but not moving,” unable to “see the forest below the trees” while busily “banging my head again the writing on the wall.”

Sophie’s song reminded me to “Stop obsessing . . . there’s food on the table, let’s count our blessings.” ;)

Anne’s post, spurred on by a wink from the Universe, “got the ball (and my thoughts) rolling” in a better direction.

The Universe works in mystery and synchronicity.

Look deep . . . “California” lies within.

Aah . . . that’s better. 

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