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A Gallery of Green November 16, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Blogging.

Green is the theme.  The theme is green.  From hither and yon.  To points in-between.  What’s the greenest thing you’ve ever seen?

Besides envy.  😉

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. Marion Driessen - November 16, 2012

The fish photo is very pretty.

nrhatch - November 16, 2012

Thanks, Marion. That’s from the Tampa Aquarium.

2. Andra Watkins - November 16, 2012

I really like the blurred fish one.

nrhatch - November 16, 2012

This is my first “Gallery” post . . . I love that every time I open the page the pictures have been shifted around.

3. sufilight - November 16, 2012

Amazing how images can affect one’s mood. This one made me feel good. Liked the fish photo, looks like abstract art to my eyes. 😀

nrhatch - November 16, 2012

Yay! Green is a “feel good” mood booster for me too . . . like nature. 😀

4. ericjbaker - November 16, 2012


When I become a rock star, I am so having bowls of only green ones on the tour bus. Know any good M&M sorters who are looking for work?

nrhatch - November 16, 2012

At the M&M store, you can buy ONLY the color you want.

But I didn’t realize you were going to be a rock star . . . I thought you would be a famous writer.

Now, I’ve got to order a new t-shirt . . . Eric Rocks! 😉

ericjbaker - November 16, 2012

Rock star, famous writer, pogo stick champion. Whatever. I’ve got lots of irons in the fire.

Wait a minute, there’s an M&M store?

nrhatch - November 17, 2012

Yup. It sells M&M’s, M&M’s, M&M’s . . . and M&M Merchandise. They have stores in Las Vegas, Orlando, NYC, and now London!

Next time, you’re near Times Square:

Positioned in the heart of Broadway, M&M’s World® Times Square is officially the hottest performance in town! Nothing brings more flavor to Manhattan than our two-story color wall packed with THOUSANDS of your favorite Milk, Peanut and Specialty M&M’s® Candies. Melting inside? Our Color Mood Analyzer will prove that you’re not the only one feeling the excitement. Not to be overshadowed is our massive 12ft. statue of M&M’s® Chief Chocolate Officer and newest member of the character family: Ms. Brown! With a retail-entertainment experience like this, you’ll demand an encore!


ericjbaker - November 17, 2012

I might be there Saturday. Any colors you want me to pick up?

nrhatch - November 17, 2012

Mmm . . . I love the look of the green and blue ones together. A bit like a turquoise sea. 😀

5. sweetdaysundertheoaks - November 16, 2012

Your Gallery Post is cool Nancy! The greenest thing I have ever seen… The grass Under the Oaks right now that popped up all happy this week of November after CH seeded in September AFTER the drought!!!

nrhatch - November 16, 2012

The grass is always greener . . . Under the Oaks! 😀

6. jannatwrites - November 16, 2012

I like the green theme – especially the Florida version of a Christmas wreath (love starfish :))

nrhatch - November 17, 2012

That’s my kind of wreath ~ sanddollars & starfish. 😀

7. Hudson Howl - November 17, 2012

Green, I have seen heaps of it now that am a fossil (don’t mean the paper variety). Guess am a sucker for the emerald turquoise lagoons, coves and tickles around the Virgin Islands down to Saint Maartens. But after a long winter, once the snow has gone and everything is mud brown -spring grass is pretty easy on the eyes.

nrhatch - November 17, 2012

You had me at Emerald Turquoise Lagoons . . . aah! 😎

8. Zen and Genki - November 17, 2012

Oh, I do adore green (my favourite colour, actually!)

nrhatch - November 17, 2012

Green holds the promise of renewal . . . it’s tied with Blue as my favorite color.

9. kateshrewsday - November 17, 2012

I’ve seen a few green galleries but I’d say this is my favourite, Nancy. Warm and full of wonder.

nrhatch - November 17, 2012

Thanks, Kate! When I went looking for GREEN pics for the gallery, they were buried beneath a profusion of blue sea & sky photos.

10. pix & kardz - November 18, 2012

the greenest thing i’ve ever seen?
so many there are, if you know what i mean.
probably spinach, parsley or a green bean.
urk. sad poetry – but enjoyed this post. especially like that jelly fish!
thanks for sharing 😀

pix & kardz - November 18, 2012

i just noticed a link to my blog on ‘worth a fly by’. how cool is that! thanks much 😀 😀

nrhatch - November 18, 2012

I rather like your poem ~ a mean, seen, green bean! 😉

That’s my new favorite widget . . . like a mini gallery for posts I’ve enjoyed. I could see your montage/collage/gallery of ferns hanging front and center in an art gallery.

11. Team Oyeniyi - November 18, 2012

I love the jellyfish!!

nrhatch - November 18, 2012

Me too! If we got a whole tank of them . . . they could be our nightlights. 😉

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