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Our Spiritual Connection November 17, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Magick & Mystery, Mindfulness, Spirit & Ego.

complexWhen friends and family members want our attention, they have plenty of options to choose from: e-mail, phone calls, text messages, blog comments, Facebook updates, and face to face encounters.

What about Spirit?

How does Spirit get our attention?

While certainly not an exhaustive list, here are a few ways that Spirit has managed to get my attention:

1. Instilled knowingness. We see something and KNOW it’s meant for us ~ a classified ad for a job opening which seems to be blinking in neon, a book on a library shelf which draws our attention as if it’s glowing, or a house up for sale that screams “Buy Me!”

For more on this: Winks, Whispers, and Nudges.

2. Music, Books, and Movies ~ lines jump out at us and we realize their relevance to where we are on the path.

An example:  Just Leap . . . And The Net Appears (also discussed in Give Yourself A Pep Talk)

3. Thoughts which arise independently of our present focus, often interrupting the flow of our thoughts.

One night, while I fumed about an expert lying during a deposition, a still silent voice interrupted my agitated thoughts to whisper, Think About This, before reminding me of other unpleasant aspects of practicing law.

Things I had put out of my mind resurfaced as the voice whispered, again and again, Think About This.

Those three simple words transformed my life . . . allowing me to see the spiritual connection with open eyes, mind, and heart for the first time.

In the morning, I couldn’t recall the specific events I’d been prompted to remember, but I remembered the still silent voice that led the way with full knowledge of . . . everything.

A year or so later, when I stalled in my tracks (unable to figure out the next step on my journey or find the courage to stop doing what wasn’t working), the still silent voice interrupted my churning thoughts to whisper, You’re not doing what you came here to do.

Those simple words gave me the courage to resign from the practice of law the next morning.

A few years later, I went to bed devastated about the child abuse I witnessed while running a program to help victims of domestic violence. First thing the next morning, a still silent voice asked, How Do You Feel Now?

Surprised, I realized I felt better. Much better. As I told my sister-in-law later that day: God sucked the bad stuff out while I was sleeping.

For another example of the still, silent voice within: What if? What if? What if?

Donald-Director4. Through Meditation. As we quiet our thoughts, creative impulses arise which inspire us to action.

Or the solution to a problem appears ready for us to implement.

Or we understand something we’ve been struggling to comprehend.

5. Through the wonders of nature ~ one afternoon, I saw several birds struggling with the over-sized crumbs we had tossed out for them, and knew I needed to share information with a friend by breaking it into manageable, bite-sized pieces.

More recently, while watching Skimmers gather breakfast, I sensed the message, Take what you need and leave the rest.

For more on this: A Turning Point

6. Through the words of friends, co-workers, and even strangers. Spirit often uses us to speak to others or others to speak to us.  Someone tells us what we need to hear, when we need the information to appear.

One morning, upset about something harsh I’d said to a victim of domestic violence the day before (something that had jumped out of my mouth, unbidden by me), I asked the Universe to let me know if I needed to take corrective action.

A few hours later, the woman in question called someone running a different program and said, “Tell nrhatch that she said EXACTLY what I needed to hear.”

Music to my ears!  To read the whole story:  Are You Okay Right Now?

7. Through creative inspiration ~ works of art that spring into being of their own accord, songs which appear to write themselves, poems and essays which “appear” fully formed and ready to be transcribed.

By way of example, Art is Not Transparent ~ our muse remains active, even while we lie dormant.


Artwork by Carole A. V. Dougherty ~ available at Island Gallery West

Breathe, Relax, Repeat . . . give the Universe some room to work its magic.

When something “jumps out at you,” pay attention.  Be receptive and open  to infinite possibilities.  Allow yourself to be gently guided to what you need to see, hear, know, or do next.

If we LISTEN, anything in life can be our guide. And, best of all, once Spirit knows we’re listening . . . it “speaks up” more often.

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