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A Terrible Horrible Awful Very Bad Day November 19, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Magick & Mystery, Nature, Spirit & Ego.

170px-Alice_par_John_Tenniel_30Sometimes the synchronicities we experience are decidedly unpleasant.

At least initially.  Before more of the mystery is revealed.

One magical early spring day, ten or so years ago, we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather to head to Seaside Heights and Long Beach State Park in NJ.

We hopped into our small camper, an extended van, complete with bathroom and kitchen, and headed to the beach.  Swimsuits, beach chairs, suntan lotion, and Frisbees already on board.

We arrived at the beach, parked the van, grabbed the beach chairs, and headed across the sand to a ridge overlooking the waves.  There, a safe distance back from water’s edge, we sat.

The sun beamed, warming the air and us to a pleasing degree.  Almost warm enough for swimsuits, but not quite.  While we watched, the waves licked the sand with a gentle and constant caress.

A panhandling seagull caught our eye.  As we turned our attention from the sea, a rogue wave crashed over us.  It came out of nowhere, soaking us from head to feet and everywhere in between.

BFF jumped up, sputtering and spitting out salt water.  “What the hell just happened?”

“I don’t know.  I’m soaked from the neck down.”

“I’m sopping wet.  So are the towels.  I knew we should have set up the chairs farther back. ”

“But we are sitting far enough from the waves.  Look!”

IMGP2620bSure enough, the edge of the surf was a good ten feet away ~ right where it had been before the Atlantic Ocean decided to “dump on us.”

Waves lapped gently at the shore, feigning an air of innocence.

Confused, we looked around to determine what had happened during the few seconds our attention had drifted from the sea.

The people sitting on both sides of us, less than five feet away, were high and dry.  Not a splash on them.  Odder still, none appeared to have noticed what must have been a virtual tidal wave as it engulfed us in salt water.  To them, nothing was amiss.

If we hadn’t been soaked to the skin, we would have been left to believe that we had imagined the whole thing.

But we dripped with the evidence.

“C’mon.  I’m going back to the van to rinse off and put on some dry clothes.  I’ve had enough sun, sand, surf, and salt for one day.”

We gathered our chairs and trudged back to the camper to dry off and warm up, incredulous at the event that had transpired while our eyes were momentarily diverted.

Little did we know, the day wasn’t done with us yet.

A Terrible Horrible Awful Very Bad Day resumes with . . . A Necessary Necessary.