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A Not-So-Silent Auction November 15, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, People.

Yesterday we went to a fund-raising event for the Island Players, the small theater group on Anna Maria Island. 

The themed luncheon (“Wicked”), held at the Beachhouse, included a Silent Auction with lots of fabulous gifts and exciting prizes up for bid.

The Off Stage Ladies decorated tables with Ruby Red Slippers, cauldrons filled with candy, balloons, and a smoking Witch’s Brew. 

Witches Hats filled the room, perky in their signature pointed splendor.

All space not consumed by witches hats was filled with . . . N~O~I~S~E!!! 

At times, we literally could NOT hear ourselves think, thank, or thunk over the cacophonous cackles.

While the MC announced winners of various events ~ the raffle for a Mystery Prize, an award for Courage, Heart, and Brains, and a prize for the best Witch’s Hat ~ 110 attendees chatted amongst themselves, causing the MC to talk louder, causing attendees to cackle louder . . . building to a mind-numbing crescendo.

Well, that’s an exaggeration . . . only 108 attendees were cackling.  BFF and I remained mum for most of the lunch, hands covering our assaulted ears.

After lunch, we walked outside and breathed in the silence.

Aah . . . that’s better!

Quote to Ponder:  Writing is a struggle against silence. ~ Carlos Fuentes