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Snooty Snotty Sneering Snobs! May 9, 2016

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, People, Word Play.

The-Pink-PantherI don’t care for snooty attitudes.
People like that just seem snotty to me.

“Here! Have a Kleenex!”

Most of the time, I find snotty attitudes more amusing than upsetting.

Donald-Duck-LaughingIf a snooty snotty sneering snob “looks down on me,” I happily retaliate . . .

By laughing my ass off at them.

Especially if I know their snottitude cost them a commission!

If someone gives you a “hard time” or a “bad review,” do you consider the source before allowing their opinion to ruffle your feathers?

Mickey-OKWe cannot control others.

We can control how we choose to view them . . . with anger or compassion, with amused detachment or frustration.

We can choose NOT to be offended.

Aah . . . that’s better!

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.  ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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1. roughwighting - May 9, 2016

At this point in my life, I tend to laugh at snooty people. I’ve come across a lot of them in my life, since I’ve worked in ‘affluent’ communities in various office manager capacities, and they think they come form a superior position, when in fact, their attitude shows their inferiority. However, as relates to my writing and any ‘snotty’ bad reviews, I have a more difficult time laughing. :-0 But I’m working on that!

nrhatch - May 9, 2016

That’s it! If you get a review that doesn’t “agree with you” . . .

1. Picture a superior inferior type reading the review to you in a snotty snooty voice.

2. Tap your heels three times and say “What you think of me is none of my business.”

3. Laugh at life’s absurdities.

roughwighting - May 9, 2016

LOVE THIS! Thanks. 🙂

nrhatch - May 9, 2016

Know that you are not alone, Pam. The more tricks you have up your sleeve, the better!

2. Jill Weatherholt - May 9, 2016

Laughter and a little eyeball rolling is the way I deal with “I’m so much better than you” attitude. Life’s too short for that garbage.

nrhatch - May 9, 2016

Yes! In my past life, waiters in upper crust establishments who acted as if they were too good to be serving the likes of me provided a source of amusement to chuckle about while I dined.

Now I steer clear of their sneers by avoiding over priced and over hyped dining troughs.

Jill Weatherholt - May 9, 2016


nrhatch - May 9, 2016

Perfectly put!

3. Kate Crimmins - May 9, 2016

I had a good lesson early in life about how people perceive you. I had a staff coordinator position which required me to get stuff (budgets, goals, whatever) from execs. One particularly obnoxious one never had his stuff to me on time. He never answered his phone, his secretary (yeah, it was way back then) did. I never said an unkind word to her (truly she had my sympathy working for him) but she did get my frustration and eye rolls. One day he told me that she didn’t like me. I was stunned (hey, I’m lovable!). When I asked why, he said I was nasty on the phone. (Of course it was all his fault) I learned a big lesson. This story may not relate directly to this post but sometimes we project something that we don’t mean to. My biggest peeve? Going to an upscale woman’s clothing store where the salesclerks fawn over the rich.

nrhatch - May 9, 2016

ACK! His superiority complex may have rubbed off on her ~ making her feel more aligned with him than with you. I dealt with some pretty snooty snotty secretaries in law firms.

Fawning salesclerks = double ACK!

4. Paula Tohline Calhoun - May 9, 2016

You are so right! Gee, the two of us must spend a lot of time laughing our asses off! Of course, admittedly, this summer of pol conventions should prove a great challenge!

nrhatch - May 9, 2016

I spend tons of time laughing and rolling in the aisles. People can be endlessly amusing.

As far as politics go ~> the conventions won’t prove a challenge for me. I will ignore them while watching travel shows about exotic destinations to relocate to if Trump wins in November.

Paula Tohline Calhoun - May 16, 2016

I’ve already told Ashley that should that happen, I expect him to move to Denmark with me.

nrhatch - May 17, 2016

Denmark won’t work for me . . . too cold. We’ll be headed to an island in the South Pacific or Caribbean.

5. Under the Oaks - May 9, 2016

I think early on when I first started reading here (could have been before) I got the idea that people could only hurt me as much as I allowed that to happen. Snooty people or people that enjoy looking down on others or making jokes like mean girls in the high school cafeteria, I generally remove them from my life. As Jill said, life is too short. I like the quote you have used from Eleanor Roosevelt.

nrhatch - May 9, 2016

Some of the gossips on our street (who are in their 60’s!) act like mean girls in the high school cafeteria. YAWN.

Life IS too short to be playing those kind of games.

It’s great when we realize that we don’t have to put OUR happiness in someone else’s pocket!

6. timkeen40 - May 9, 2016

People will do anything to make themselves feel better about themselves. This unfortunately includes looking at others and finding ways to feel superior to them. What I always tell people like this are two things:
One, If comparing yourself to me somehow makes you feel better, then I am glad I could help.
Two. If I am your benchmark, you really need to examine your life and your head.

To everyone else I say let toss around a few positives, maybe share a laugh or a beer or something.


nrhatch - May 9, 2016

“People will do anything to make themselves feel better about themselves. This unfortunately includes looking at others and finding ways to feel superior to them.”

Yes! And that, in a nutshell, is why Trump is a Chump! He belittles others to feel better about himself.

Here’s to tossing back a few beers while sharing a laugh!

7. suzicate - May 9, 2016

Snooty people are usually quite insecure; they bring themselves up by looking down at others. Nobody has time or energy for those types!

nrhatch - May 9, 2016

Anytime we use external yardsticks to measure our worth to the world, we’re apt to come up short.

Here’s to calibrating our internal compass!

8. L. Marie - May 9, 2016

I can’t help recalling an article I read where Oprah went into a boutique or something and was told by a salesperson, who obviously didn’t recognize her, that she couldn’t afford the items in the store. While Oprah didn’t want that news to leak out, it was a stern reminder of what this type of attitude can lead to. That store lost a huge sale because someone judged a customer as too inferior.

nrhatch - May 9, 2016

I think I heard about that . . . can’t imagine a store that Oprah couldn’t afford to shop in.

9. anotherday2paradise - May 9, 2016

Can’t stand people with a snootytude, Our new neighbours told us that they had looked at another community not very far away, but didn’t like the snooty people there. We told them that we’d also looked there and decided against it for the same reason. Just be yourself and don’t put on airs and graces.

nrhatch - May 9, 2016

Since you both got the same impression, sounds like you made a smart move. I like being around people who are relaxed in their own skin ~ no snooty sneers!

10. Carol Ferenc - May 9, 2016

Since I’ve retired and moved to a small town I very seldom encounter snooty people. Everyone knows everything about everyone here so it would be hard to pull off a snooty attitude. But I’ll be armed with an awesome new word in case it happens: Snottitude. Love it!

nrhatch - May 9, 2016

I don’t bump into many around here either. Most people are pretty “down to earth.”

Glad you like the word “snottitude” ~ it captures the snooty snotty essence.

11. diannegray - May 10, 2016

I love this, Nancy. In my small town I rarely come across snotty snobs (when I worked in the city they were the majority!)

“We cannot control others”. Thank goodness for that! Imagine if we could control others (then others would be able to control us and that’s not a world I’d like to live in). 😀

nrhatch - May 10, 2016

Maybe all the hustle and bustle of city living makes peeps think they iz VIPs.

Yes!!! The underlying theme of many of my posts is FREEDOM. When we stop letting other people manipulate us through guilt and fear, we are FREE. When we stop putting the key to our happiness in their pocket, we are FREE. When we stop using them as an external reference point for how we choose to live, we are FREE. We have reclaimed the reins. Full steam ahead!

12. Ally Bean - May 10, 2016

Just got the time to catch up on my blog reading, and what do I find? A link to my very own experience with snobbery! Thanks. Fortunately I learned early on to be like a duck and let snobby people’s behavior roll off my back while I quickly paddled away. *quack, quack*

nrhatch - May 10, 2016

My pleasure. Thanks for the springboard. And, yes, paddling in the opposite direction is exactly the thing to do!

Quack, Quack.

13. Bun Karyudo - Humor Blog - May 11, 2016

That’s very true and a great way to look at it. I love the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt too. It’s one I’ll have to try and remember. 🙂

nrhatch - May 17, 2016

That quote is a life saver ~> “Hmmmph . . . what do they know about me anyway?!”

P.S. This comment also landed in the Spam Filter, Bun. I’ll be more vigilant in fishing you out if it happens again.

Bun Karyudo - May 18, 2016

Thanks for that. It was quite comfortable in there, though, so I didn’t mind my stay. 🙂

nrhatch - May 18, 2016

Well, you’ve been promoted. Today, your comments weren’t nabbed by Akismet nor were they thrown in the Spammer Slammer. They were “held for moderation.”

Obviously, you’re still viewed as a bit “subversive” for SLTW.

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