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10 Things To Do Between Queries June 26, 2013

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Wikipedia ~ Publishing (in Public Domain)

The best thing about traditional publishing is all the “free time” you’ll have while waiting to hear back from queried agents and publishers.  Here are 10 Things To Do Between Queries:

(1) Relax . . . Time Is On Your Side ~ many best-selling  American novels of the past 50 years have been penned by authors in their 50′s, 60′s and 70′s.

(2) Crunch the Numbers ~ compare author royalties from e-books with those the author receives from traditional print publications.

(3) Read articles about best-selling authors who fielded mountains of rejections before hitting it big ~ Louis L’Amour (350 rejections), John Creasy (774 rejections), Jack London (600 rejections), John Grisham (15 publishers and 30 agents turned down A Time To Kill), Dr. Seuss (27 publishers rejected his first book), Margaret Mitchell (25 publishers turned down Gone With The Wind), etc.

Wikipedia ~ Klondike Gold Rush (in Public Domain)

(4) Crunch more Numbers ~ writers opting for traditional publishing face long odds, but landing in a slush pile is better than dying in a pile of slush!

(5) Consider conflicting advice about writing ~ e.g., “If you write, you need a blog to promote your work” vs.  “If you blog, you’ll have no time to write.”

(6) Enjoy your Anonymity ~ As authors attract a fan base, they also attract negative attention from stalkers, crazed fans, hangers-on, and jealous idiots sending hate mail.

(7) Read success stories about authors who self-published ~ Richard Nelson Bolles, What Color is Your Parachute?, James Redfield, The Celestine Prophecy, Strunk & White, The Elements of Style, John Grisham, A Time To Kill, Richard Paul Evans, The Christmas Box, plus . . . Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe, Benjamin Franklin, Rudyard Kipling, Henry David Thoreau, Anais Nin, Thomas Paine, etc.

(8) Eavesdrop on the Rooftop Literati ~ profit-hungry publishers know that ”name brand” authors sell books.  But times they are a-changing . . .

(9) Consider more conflicting advice ~ “Carve out a narrow niche” vs. “You must not bore your readers.  Variety is the spice of life.”


(10) Learn to Toot Your Own Horn ~ or, if you really want to garner attention at the next Book Fair . . . learn to play the bagpipes!

Bonus Tip:  Wear a kilt!

Aah . . . that’s better!

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