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13 Question Quiz June 18, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Nature.
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Calvin-gots-an-IdeaDo you know more about science and technology than the average American?

Take this 13-question quiz to test your knowledge of scientific concepts.

Click here:  Science and Technology Knowledge Quiz

Then see how you did in comparison with the 1,006 randomly sampled adults asked the same questions in a national poll conducted by the Pew Research Center and Smithsonian magazine.

Share your results with us too!

Aah . . . what a smart bunch!  

How To Go To Sleep (For Moms) June 18, 2013

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Donald-Duck-LazyFor some, sleep comes easily.

These fortunate few sit or lie down, close their eyes, and fall sound asleep (and start snoring!) in mere seconds.

For others, especially moms with small children, going to sleep is more involved:

1.  When you are too exhausted to dot another “i” or cross another “t,” head toward the bedroom for some much needed shut-eye.

2.  Wait!  What’s that smell?  Swing by the litter box and stop to scoop the poop that Johnny was supposed to clean up before he played video games for three hours this evening.

3.  Continue heading down the hall.

4.  Glance out the front door.  Yup, Susie’s bicycle is still lying in the driveway, directly behind your husband’s car, even though she promised she would put it away before spending two hours IM-ing her BFF, Jill.

5.  Move the bike out of the target zone of the morning commute.

6.  Return to the front door.  Wait!  What’s that noise?

7. Glance to the right to identify the subtle squishing sound coming from the side yard.  Yup, the sprinkler is still on, even though your husband swore he turned if off hours ago.

Donald-Duck-Diving8.  Wade through the mini swimming pool in the middle of the lawn to turn off the spigot.

9.  Head back inside.  Take off soggy shoes and leave them in the laundry room to wash tomorrow.

10.  Turn out the laundry room lights.

11.  Notice that the lights you turned off in the kitchen thirty minutes ago are now back on.

12.  Head to the kitchen to investigate.

13.  Discover that the kitchen you tidied up after dinner now has a blobs of ice cream melting on the counter, drips of chocolate smeared across the floor, and dirty bowls stacked in the sink.

14.  Tidy up the kitchen.

15.  Turn out the light.

16.  Head to the bedroom.

17.  Wash your face.

18.  Brush your teeth.

19.  Floss your teeth.

20.  Change into your pajamas.

21.  Rub hand-cream on your hands.

22.  Put moisturizer on your face.

23. Climb into bed.

24.  Lie down and get comfortable.  Aah . . . that’s better!

25.  Wait.  What’s that noise?

Pluto-Happy26.  Yup.  Daisy’s scratching at the back door because Jeffrey forgot to let her in before going to bed.

27.  Get up and let the dog in.  Give the dog a biscuit.  Fill up the dog’s water bowl.

28. Return to bed.

29.  Lie down and get comfortable.  

30. Wait!  What’s that racket?!  Realize your husband’s snoring is drowning out the thoughts that usually keep you awake at night.

31.  Turn on the light.

32.  Find the ear plugs.

33.  Turn off the light.

34.  Lie down.

35.  Wait!  Did anyone make the lunches for tomorrow?

36.  Stumble out of bed and wander out to the kitchen.

37.  Get out the bread, peanut butter, and jelly.

38.  Seriously?!  Someone put both jars back empty without adding them to the shopping list?!  Yup, they did.

39.   Get dressed.

40.  Drive to the Quickie Mart to buy peanut butter and jelly.

41.  Return home.

Wikipedia ~ Kitchen (in Public Domain)

42.  Make sandwiches.

43.  Clean up the kitchen.  For the third time.

44.  Return to the bedroom.

45.  Put on your pajamas.  Again.

46.  Lie down and get comfortable.

47.  Listen to your husband’s I-don’t-have-a-care-in-the-world-snores as you wait for sleep to descend.

48.  Glance at the clock.

49  Do some quick calculations.

50.  Yup . . . you have to get up and do it all again in five short hours.

Aah . . . that’s better!

So, which camp do you fall into?  Do you fall into bed and fall fast asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow?

Or do you lie awake and wonder why sleep is as elusive as an eel?

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