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Russian Roulette’s Kissing Cousin June 5, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Humor.
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Wikipedia ~ Gramophone (in Public Domain)

Records spun on the turntable.

High pitched laughter filled the air.

Across the crowded room, someone suggested spinning something else.

Eyes darted through the smoke to calculate the odds.

In Russian Roulette, players face one bullet and five blanks.

At the wrong party, Spin the Bottle  might mean trying to dodge six duds instead of one bullet ~ odds are great that the fickle finger of fate will point straight as Cupid’s arrow at someone you do NOT want to K-I-S-S.

Under any circumstance.
No matter what.

Hand-rolling-diceBut being a teen means taking risks . . . and learning from mistakes.

“Sure.  Count me in.”

Round and round and round she goes
Where she’ll stop, nobody knows.

Spin the Bottle might be less lethal than Russian Roulette, but you can still shoot yourself in the foot.

Mickey-and-Minnie-kissOr worse.


“This is lame . . . Spin the Bottle is for kids . . . let’s play Truth or Dare!”

Aah . . . that’s better!

Did you ever play Spin the Bottle?  Truth . . . or Dare!