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Summer Breeze August 27, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Life Balance, Music & Dance.

Summer’s still in full swing here in Florida, but school are opening doors, campuses are welcoming college students, and Labor Day weekend (in the States) is just around the bend.

Yesterday, someone mentioned feeling a nip in the air.  Casual comments like that used to throw me into a tail-spin: 

What?  My long-awaited summer is already winding down?  NO~O~O!

Whether your summer is just on the horizon (for those living below the equator) or nearing a close (for those above), here’s a bit of Summer Breeze to keep you going:

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1. aardvarkian - August 27, 2010


2. Agatha82 - August 27, 2010

Great song. We’ve hardly had a summer but oh well, it is England after all (at least it finally stopped raining.

nrhatch - August 27, 2010

Glad to hear you have a respite from the rain.

BTW: I think you jinxed us . . . we’ve had four cloudy/rainy days in a row.

Very unusual for Florida. : )

Agatha82 - August 28, 2010

Oh no! It’s very sunny here today, here’s hoping it is over there as well 🙂

nrhatch - August 28, 2010

The sun greeted me when I rolled out of bed this morning! Yay!

3. cindy - August 27, 2010

Ah, perfect song, makes me happy 🙂

nrhatch - August 27, 2010

Me too!

And lucky you . . . spring and summer are on the way to SA.

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