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Well . . . We’re Waiting! August 22, 2010

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As some of you may have noticed, I have been rather “silent” today. 

Other than re-blogging Rik’s post, Cute Alert!, and tossing out some Anagram Antics this morning, no recent words of wisdom have been posted for your thoughtful consideration.

Sorry about that. 

After being Freshly Pressed on Friday with my first post,  The Chain: Harbinger of Things To Come, I jumped into high gear, fingers flying across the keyboard, and ended up with 6 posts for the day ~ despite switching gears frequently to greet first time visitors to SLTW.  

For those of you who became new subscribers to SLTW . . . WELCOME!   I’ve definitely enjoyed the influx of new faces and avatars this weekend. 

Yesterday, I pushed out 4 more posts, including an insight-filled piece about What I Learned From My Fridge.  If you missed any of Friday or Saturday’s posts, click August 20th or August 21st on the calendar and they’ll be front and center on your screen.  

OK, so back to today’s quietude.

Last night, I wrote a post for this morning; then pulled it at the last minute because it seemed premature.  It needed a bit more incubation, and polishing.  Taking my cue from Ernest and Julio Gallo, I serve no wine or truth (“in vino, veritas”) before its time.

This afternoon, I planned to get back to the keyboard to share some humorous observation on life.  Instead, I spent the afternoon trolling around cyber-space checking out blogs written by many of the new visitors and subscribers to SLTW. 

And, well, one thing led to another, and (before I knew what had happened) the afternoon had disappeared from view, evening had arrived on the scene, and still no post from me to you. 

Last time this happened, a concerned visitor e-mailed to inquire after my health.  That time, I had taken the day off for a post-birthday celebration and felt terrible about absenting myself from the premises without so much as a How-De-Do or a Fare-Thee-Well. 

Hence this post:  I am alive, and well, and will return to regularly scheduled posts tomorrow . . . Tuesday at the latest.

In the meantime, welcome again to new subscribers!  Feel free to take a good look around to see what we’ve been discussing since SLTW launched in February.

Cute Alert! (via Uphill Writing) August 22, 2010

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This is an amazing post of a 3-year-old reciting a poem much more complex than Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

At times, his inflections and pauses are so dead on that I doubt the original author of Litany could top his recital.

You will find the words to the poem posted in the comments section of Rik’s post ~ thanks, Loreen. 

I watched the video first without the words, and then read the words as this little guy recited Litany . . . while playing with toy animals.  Amazing.


Cute Alert! - Cute Alert! OK, OK, I know.  Today is my Blogger’s Holiday.  I typically do not post on Sundays, but I stumbled across this amazing video this morning. I’ve watched it a number of times, and am amazed at what a three-year-old boy can do. Without further ado… Litany, by Billy Collins as you have never heard it before… Read More

via Uphill Writing

FUN With WORDS: Anagram Antics 3 August 22, 2010

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Aah, Sunday, at last.  Time to kick back with the Sunday Crossword puzzle, and . . .

Nah, been there, done that.

I know!  Enjoy some Anagram Antics!

In FUN With Words: Anagram Antics 2, I tossed out 5 Anagrams for you to chew on:

 6.  DESPERATION –> _   R _ _ _   E _ _ _    _ _

 7.  THE EYES –> _ _ E _     _ E E

 8.  PRINCESS DIANA — > E _ _     _ _    _     _ _ R      _ _ _ _

 9.  GEORGE BUSH –> _ E    _ _ _ _     _ _ R E

10.  OSAMA BIN LADEN –> _ E _ _     _ _      _ _ _     _ _ _ _

Here are solutions to those 5 Anagrams (other solutions possible):

 6.  DESPERATION –> A     R O PE     E N D S     I T

 7.  THE EYES –> T H E Y     S E E

 8.  PRINCESS DIANA — > E N D     I S    A     C A R       S P I N

 9.  GEORGE BUSH –> H E    B U G S     G O R E

10.  OSAMA BIN LADEN –> M E A N     A S      B A D     L I O N

Did you come up with better solutions for these 5 challenges?  

      If so, toot your horn below! 

C’mon . . . don’t be shy!  Toot it louder! 

Are you hooked yet?  

Here are 5 more Anagram Puzzles to solve, with some E’s and R’s filled in: 

11.  THE MORSE CODE –> _ _ R E    _ _ _ E     _ _ _ _  

12.  SLOT MACHINES –> _ _ _ _     _ _ _ _     _ _    _ E

13.  ELVIS PRESLEY –> _ R E _ _ _ _     _ _ _ E _

14.  ANIMOSITY –> _ _     _ _    _ _ _ _ _

15.  ELECTION RESULTS –> _ _ E _      _ E _ ‘ _     R E _ _ _ _ _