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Share, Share, That’s Fair August 24, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Gratitude, Word Play.
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For those of you with WordPress blogs, there’s a new sharing feature available on WP which enables you (and your readers) to share your words with the world!

For information, and to watch the video:  More Ways To Share

To pick and choose which “Share Buttons” appear below your posts, go to:

Dashboard > Settings > Sharing

To monitor which Share Buttons get the most use:

Blog Stats > Blog Shares > click on the number displayed

Thanks, WordPress! 

            You rock!

Write on, bloggers . . . right on!

Hi Ho!  Hi Ho! It’s off to blog we go . . .    

* For now, my settings reveal ALL the Share Buttons available.  Once I see which  buttons get the most use, I’ll tidy up the area by hiding some of the Share Buttons behind the “+ Share” Button.

* Just posted a link to this post on Facebook using the FB Share Button and it worked beautifully . . . allowing me to scroll through the photos and choose which one to display next to the blurb ~ much nicer than having to cut and paste the link to the article directly onto my  Facebook profile.

Let The Past Recede From View August 24, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Life Balance, Mindfulness.
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Continued from:  Happiness Resides Here & Now

* * * * *

Life is a journey.  The journey takes place in the here and now, as one moment unfolds into the next. 

To fully embrace this moment, we need to let go of the last moment

We need to let go of the past ~ or, at least, lessen its stranglehold on us.

A boat trying to sail down a stream while moored to the shore makes little to no headway.   You are the boat.  The stream is your life.  The shore is your past.  Let it go.   

Letting go of the past does not require us to have amnesia.  We do not have to forget all that has happened to bring us to this point.  We do need to let it recede from view in order to fully embrace the here and now.

A ship’s captain may recall sailing through past storms, and utilize that knowledge to help him negotiate each new storm that arises.  That’s putting the past to good use. 

Problems arise when, like Captain Sinbad, we dwell on the storms of past voyages even on days filled with clear skies and smooth sailing. 

Instead of seeing today as it is, we see our tale unfolding through the clouded lens of past experience. 

Retaining fond memories of people, places, and things from the past is not a problem.  Spending untold hours analyzing (or attempting to rewrite) the past is rarely the best use of the time we have remaining.

The past is what it is. 

Let it go and get on with living the rest of your life with a sense of alert curiosity and wonder, rather than fear and suspicion.

Tomorrow at noon:  Hang On, The Future Is Next.

* * * * *

The power of letting the past recede: Deja Vu with Quentin Crisp:

To me, now, England is an island off the coast of America. ~ Quentin Crisp

FUN With WORDS: Anagram Antics 5 August 24, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Humor.
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Well, you made it through the challenges of Monday.

That’s worth celebrating, eh?

Put on your thinking cap, and screw up your noggin.

It’s time for Anagram Antics!

In FUN With Words: Anagram Antics 4, I tossed out 5 Anagrams for you to toy around with:

16.  JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE –> _’_     _    _ E R _     _ _ _     _ _ _ _ E _

17.  MOTHER-IN-LAW –> _ _ _ _ _     _ _ _ _ E R

18.  SNOOZE ALARMS –> _ _ _ _    _ _     _ _ R E     _ ‘ _

19.  JIM MORRISON –> _ R    _ _ _ _     R _ _ _ _’

20.  A DECIMAL POINT –> _ ‘ _      _     _ _ _     _ _      _ _ _ _ E

Here are solutions to these 5 Anagrams (other solutions possible):

16.  JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE –> I’M    A   J E R K    B U T    L I S T E N

17.  MOTHER-IN-LAW –> W O M A N     H I T L E R

18.  SNOOZE ALARMS –> A L A S    N O     M O R E     Z ‘ S

19.  JIM MORRISON –> M R    M O J O     R I S I N ‘

20.  A DECIMAL POINT –> I ‘ M      A     D O T     I N      P L A C E

Did you come up with better solutions for these 5 challenges? 

      If so, toot your horn below! 

C’mon . . . don’t be shy!  Toot it louder! 

Are you hooked yet?  

Here are 5 more Anagram Puzzles to solve, with some E’s and R’s filled in: 

21.  THE EARTHQUAKES –> _ _ _ _     _ _ E _ R     _ _ _ _ E

22.  ELEVEN PLUS TWO –> _ _ E _ _ E     _ _ _ _     _ _ E

23.  PARIS HILTON –> _ _ _ _ _     _ _     _ _ _ R

24.  TOM CRUISE –> _ _     _’_     _ _ _ E R

25.  DAVID LETTERMAN -> _ E R _      _ _ _ _    _ _ _ E     _ _

Solutions soon.

Pachelbel’s Canon: A Parallel Parody August 24, 2010

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Music & Dance.
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A cello player in his youth, Rob Paravonian, now a  comedian and musician, rants about Pachelbel’s Canon in D with passion, enthusiasm, and guitar accompaniment. 

In this clip, recorded live at Penn State, Paravonian  chastises Pachelbel (“that one hit wonder”) for writing the cello part as he did, allotting the beautiful instrument only 8 notes to repeat throughout the piece.

How many times does the cello repeat the same 8 notes?  (Answer below)


Answer:  54.  Rob counted.