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We Love This LOVE Ladder November 26, 2014

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Travel & Leisure.

On Saturday, we went to a Vintage Fair and Arts & Crafts Show at Seabreeze Park on Terra Ceia Island.

2014-11-22 12-25-15_0011

Once there, we wandered the boardwalk to check out Terra Ceia Bay.

2014-11-22 12-23-25_0005

The bay strained at its shoreline as it chopped and rolled under a stiff sea breeze.

2014-11-22 12-24-07_0008

We turned to retrace our steps and spied something ahead to our right.

2014-11-22 12-24-21_0009

Natives!  Hanging out in the mangroves.

2014-11-22 12-24-53_0010

Our favorite arts & crafts item ~>  this LOVE ladder we saw at Two Little Sheep.

2014-11-22 12-34-09_0013

Teri started her crafting business this past summer ~ this was only her 2nd craft fair.

2014-11-22 12-34-33_0014

Contact info:  twolittlesheep@gmail.com or find Two Little Sheep on Facebook.

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. Jill Weatherholt - November 26, 2014

What a great boardwalk! And the LOVE ladder, well…I just love it! 🙂

nrhatch - November 26, 2014

If our place was even a tiny bit bigger, I would have adopted that ladder ~ it would make a very cool wedding gift.

2. Kate @ Did That Just Happen? - November 26, 2014

I think I’ll have to take a walk today – I won’t run into any craft fairs, but your pictures have totally inspired me!

nrhatch - November 26, 2014

Enjoy your walk, Kate.

I saw a tip for avoiding Thanksgiving over indulgence ~> once the turkey is in the oven, go for a walk. Don’t return until the dinner dishes are done and the leftovers are put away. 😛

Hope your Thanksgiving overflows with HAPPY!

Kate @ Did That Just Happen? - November 26, 2014


nrhatch - November 27, 2014


3. brickhousechick - November 26, 2014

I love those natives and the ladder! Very crafty! Between the snow and rain expected today I won’t be taking a walk but I will be enjoying the company of my family! Happy Thanksgiving, Nancy!

nrhatch - November 26, 2014

The weather is WET here at the moment. I’m a fair weather walker so I’ll wait til the sun returns to go for a stroll. Fingers crossed I won’t look like a STUFFED turkey by then.

Enjoy your family with lots of merry memory making!

4. ericjbaker - November 26, 2014

Out my office window I see a gray sky and wet snow falling. I’m on my way!

nrhatch - November 26, 2014

We should hit 60 today . . . but our blue skies are MIA.

ericjbaker - November 26, 2014

I like the pier photo with the choppy water. I felt ‘there.”

nrhatch - November 26, 2014

The horizon is crooked, but I left it “as Is” . . . because we felt a bit off kilter on that dock.

5. thecontentedcrafter - November 26, 2014

The boardwalk is fantastic – and you captured the choppiness and roll from a stiff sea breeze! The love ladder is also a shabby chic delight! Well spotted!

nrhatch - November 26, 2014

I love grabbing my camera when we head out and about . . . because it encourages me to keep my eyes wide open.

Looking at that photo of the boardwalk makes be a bit seasick due to the crooked horizon. :mrgreen:

6. NancyTex - November 26, 2014

My walk (hike) today won’t lead me to an ocean, or to mangroves, but I’m hoping to find another treasure like the meditation circle I stumbled upon the other day! 🙂

nrhatch - November 26, 2014

That was Way Cool! Especially the breeze picking up when you crossed over the lines.

NancyTex - November 26, 2014

It was so eerie, NH. It came up out of nowhere and was whipping my hair into my face. Strangest thing.

nrhatch - November 26, 2014

Interesting synchronicity!

7. Barb - November 26, 2014

That boardwalk looks like a great place for an interesting walk Nancy, glad you had your camera with you. Love the ladder!

nrhatch - November 26, 2014

We really don’t have room for it . . . and I seldom buy “stuff” any more . . . but it was pretty tempting.

The boardwalk was great for a short stroll out to the water’s edge.

8. Pix Under the Oaks - November 26, 2014

CH immediately googled Terra Ceia Bay.. we have never heard of it! Shocked!!! Glad you had a great time. CH is saying “boy it is right on the water too”.. 🙂 Very cool boardwalk. I am thinking you might go back for that LOVE ladder.

nrhatch - November 26, 2014

We almost bought a condo on Terra Ceia Bay . . . but decided that it was too far to the beaches of AMI, especially if we just wanted to go for a short sunset stroll.

If I bump into that ladder again, I may have to adopt it. But I’m hoping that someone else grabbed it from Teri that day.

9. Val Boyko - November 26, 2014

Love this too!! Thank you for sharing 🙂

nrhatch - November 26, 2014

My pleasure. These photos posts are FUN. Just post the shots and toss a few words into the mix.

10. jannatwrites - November 27, 2014

That is a great ladder! There was someone at our farmer’s market over the summer that sold word art similar to that. I wanted to buy something, but then I thought about where to put it and changed my mind.

nrhatch - November 27, 2014

Lack of space was a deciding factor for me too, Janna. But I thought she did a wonderful job with it . . . and loved the touch she added with the flowers.

11. Three Well Beings - December 1, 2014

What a beautiful place to spend a day! And I love that LOVE ladder, too. It would sure add some color and interest in the garden. A very clever design!

nrhatch - December 1, 2014

If I’d seen that ladder in a local gallery, I might already have returned to buy it. Maybe I’ll bump into Teri’s crafts some day when our space has a bit more space to accommodate her work.

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