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DIY Projects, Work Bees, & No Cavities! November 9, 2014

Posted by nrhatch in Home & Garden, Humor.

Donald-DuckaIn letters written during his retirement, my grandfather shared tales of “work bees” (think Quilting Bees, not Spelling Bees) as well as many DIY projects.

As any handy-man knows, some projects require a bit of figuring, hunting, muttering, and Yankee ingenuity:

* 1/14/62 ~ “Tomorrow I think I will start a piping job in the kitchen.  I have the pipe and fittings. It is just a case of being ambitious enough to start tearing things to pieces.

I went on a work bee Wednesday evening.  We had a lot of folding wood chairs given us.  We glued up and repaired 21 chairs.”

* 10/15/62 ~ “I have done some work on the kitchen since you were up.  I worked 2 weeks on it.  I understand it looks better.

We had a bee and put in the cement floor in the Legion House yesterday. Expect to have another work bee next week end. They want to get it fixed up before cold weather sets in for good. And deer hunting.

3D-Ape* 3/27/67 ~ “I just got a problem solved so I can relax long enough to write.  I installed a baseboard heater under the windows in the living room with a wall thermostat to install over the desk, away from the direct heat. I wired it up and turned it on. There was a flash and it threw the breaker in the box. So I began to figure, hunt, trace wiring, and mutter to myself.

I decided I had wired it all right and it might be the wrong thermostat, or defective. This morning I got a replacement.  This afternoon I hooked it up and we are in business.  It works OK.  I had stayed awake a night or two trying to figure what I could have done which was wrong.”

* 1/24/72 ~ “The stoker had a bad spell of shearing ash shaft pins. I worked two days finding the trouble to be lax adjustment of the chain which carries out ash.  I readjusted it and it is functioning properly again.  It took two days, in grease, to find it and about ½ hour to fix it.  My know-how was bad, at first, as Ernest English would say.”

Mickey-Ta-DaaaPerhaps my favorite excerpt in the DIY category was his pronouncement at the end of this plumbing project:

* 5/21/60 ~ “I have been busy.  I decided to change the location of the tub and lavatory to get the piping away from the wall.  I did all of it but two joints which Hi did to show me how.  I turned on the water and “No Cavities!”  It did not leak.” 

Aah . . . that’s better!