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An Unwanted Visitor August 22, 2014

Posted by nrhatch in Exercise & Fitness, Health & Wellness, Humor.

I stepped outside to go for a walk and came face-to-face with a 4-foot-long black racer.

I retraced my steps and raced inside.

Pluto-RollerskatingExercise is over-rated.


Aah . . . that’s better!


1. Rainee - August 22, 2014

He looks nasty! Is he venomous?

nrhatch - August 22, 2014

No, just f~a~s~t! A regular speed racer.

2. suzicate - August 22, 2014

I’d be backtracking, too! The hubby teases me when I want to get away from the “harmless” snakes…I tell him I wish them no ill will I just don’t want to be intimate friends with them, ha!

nrhatch - August 22, 2014

Exactly how I feel, Suzi. “Live and let live . . . just leave me alone.” I’m glad that the lizards don’t bother me. If they did, I’d be housebound.

3. Becky - August 22, 2014

While not at all a fan of snakes, I do like seeing the black ones like that around my yard because I know it’s feasting on the small furry rodents I don’t want to see. Or hear. Or nibbling in my garden.

nrhatch - August 22, 2014

Black racers keeps the rodent population in check. But the ones in our courtyard are hunting their 4-legged brethren.

4. Jill Weatherholt - August 22, 2014

Wise move, Nancy!

nrhatch - August 22, 2014

We need to hang a sign on the gate . . . No Slythering!

5. Pix Under the Oaks - August 22, 2014

I am pretty sure I would have screamed. Then I would have done what you did Nancy. I do agree with Becky.

nrhatch - August 22, 2014

He came back the next day too ~ guess he enjoyed the All You Can Eat Buffet of Little Lizards!

6. NancyTex - August 22, 2014

I’m pretty sure I would be in full cardiac arrest if I saw one that big at my front door.

nrhatch - August 22, 2014

It helps that they are so skinny . . . they don’t seem as menacing as the Big Bad Boas invading the Everglades.

NancyTex - August 22, 2014

Sweet mother of cheese… I would drop dead on the spot if I saw one of those.

nrhatch - August 22, 2014

They are forever finding BIGGER BADDER BOAS out there ~ 18-footers who eat crocodiles for breakfast! Followed with a chaser of wild boar.

And we just saw a story about a rental house in Fort Myers where the tenants have caught 48 snakes INSIDE the residence in the past 3 months. I would have been out of there 89 days ago!

7. Kate @ Did That Just Happen? - August 22, 2014

I’m with Nancy Tex, and I’d probably never step outside again!

nrhatch - August 22, 2014

The next couple times out the door, I combed the area with my eyes before opening the door. “CLEAR!” 😎

8. Eric Tonningsen - August 22, 2014

Amygdala induced exercise! It gets the heart pumping. 🙂

nrhatch - August 22, 2014

In the 1930s, researchers discovered that when a certain part of monkeys’ brains was removed, the animals became fearless. They approached snakes, started batting them around like sticks and played with their hissing tongues.


Since I don’t wish to mess with snakes of their hissing tongues, I think I’ll hang on to my amygdala! 😯

9. Val Boyko - August 22, 2014

Now that was a surprise!!
Its official I will not visit the Everglades 😉
Val x

nrhatch - August 22, 2014

I want to visit the Everglades . . . on an air boat. You won’t find me wading through snake infested waters.

10. Silver in the Barn - August 22, 2014

There is such a primal startle reaction to a snake sighting. I never quite get used to it, but we have gotten to the point that we let them live and let live. Except for the copperheads. Our benevolence only extends so far.

nrhatch - August 22, 2014

I am far calmer when I bump into a black racer than when we first moved to Florida. They normally race away before I’ve finished registering my surprise.

That said, I wasn’t about to step over it.

11. Barbara - August 22, 2014

I would have been right behind you Nancy!

nrhatch - August 23, 2014

Right. They’ll be time for exercise . . . LATER!

12. diannegray - August 22, 2014

Yikes! We had a python greet us the other night on the drive and we retraced our steps very quickly! 🙂

nrhatch - August 23, 2014

I bet your python was a bit bigger than our bitty black racer. But as Horton liked to say (sort of):

A snake is a snake . . . no matter how small! 😛

13. Three Well Beings - August 23, 2014

I’d be running, too! And Dianne says she was greeted by a python? Oh my goodness! I like snakes–in the zoo! 🙂

nrhatch - August 23, 2014

My favorite snake-in-the-zoo scene is in Harry Potter #1 . . . when Harry “deletes” the glass and the enormous snake slithers off, with people making way like bowling pins.

But I’m glad I wasn’t there for the filming.

14. valleygrail - August 23, 2014

Ophidiophobia, here. Phooey on exercising; just seeing that pic got my heart rate up! I read the comments, and am astonished how casual so many are about encountering snakes. Gives me the chilly willies just to write the word!

nrhatch - August 23, 2014

Better a black racer than a black mamba. But no snakes would work still better.

15. jannatwrites - August 25, 2014

I think I’d change my mind about the walk, too!

nrhatch - August 25, 2014

It happened again yesterday. Either Mr. Snake needs to change his preferred dining location or I need to adjust my exercise schedule.

16. latebloomerbuds - August 25, 2014


nrhatch - August 25, 2014

That’s what I say!

17. bluebee - August 25, 2014

Ooer poisonous?

nrhatch - August 25, 2014

Nope, no venom. It’s only lethal to lizards, frogs, mice, and other small critters.

18. Perfecting Motherhood - September 9, 2014

Nice. We had a snake again in our backyard this summer. 3 years in a row. This time it died there (but I still had to touch it to remove it). Every time I read a Carl Hiassen book, which always takes place in Florida, there are always snakes…

nrhatch - September 9, 2014

You are so brave. Snake handling is not my forte ~> even if the snake has gone on to meet its maker.

Watching a hawk dine on Snake al Fresco one morning this summer was an experience.

Perfecting Motherhood - September 9, 2014


nrhatch - September 9, 2014

For everyone but the snake.

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