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The Keyboard Awaits August 15, 2014

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Humor, Word Play, Writing & Writers.

170px-alice_par_john_tenniel_30What will it be today?

Fiction, Non-Fiction, Novel, Short Story, Essay, Poetry, Humorous Anecdote, Serious Reflection.

The vehicles available to transport our words to the world are as varied as the topics addressed in our musings.

Like a single strand of DNA, reordering the 26 letters at our disposal expands our universe from finite to infinite.

Writing allows us to play with permutations, switch perspectives, and view life through different vantage points and keyholes.

The freedom of orchestrating our thoughts liberates us from the constraining influence of public opinion and even from our own limiting beliefs.

Alone with our thoughts, we step into solitude to carve order out of chaos.  As we edit, we add, delete, expand, contract, and reorder our thoughts until we are satisfied that we said what we meant, and we meant what we said.

220px-PinocchioIf we feel inhibited about sharing our unfiltered thoughts with an audience, we can create a fictional character to act as proxy or puppet.

And we hold the strings.

Everything we taste in life adds to our arsenal, our tool bag of tricks.

The world expands and we expand with it, noticing nuances and using experiences to entertain, persuade, educate, amuse, and spur others to action.

When we share our adventures, readers are inspired to expand their horizons.

The downside to this pleasant pastime of playing with words is that writing is a rabbit-hole.  An endless warren of thought threads distracts me from tackling more mundane tasks.  

Even those essential to survival like eating. And sleeping.

170px-Alice_par_John_Tenniel_02In the Write Zone, the world is put on hold ~ I’ll get to IT (whatever IT is) later.  Or Tomorrow.

Next Tuesday at the latest.

I wonder if I lose track of time because I’m just writing for the fun of it?

At present, I’m not driven by thoughts of fame, fortune, or eventual publication.  I don’t care about “having written” or “making a name for myself” or any other external indicator of success.

For me, it’s the journey of writing that holds appeal.  I just want to be happy as the path unfolds before me.  And writing is the best means I’ve found to that end.

Other than chocolate, of course.

Aah . . . that’s better!

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1. Rainee - August 15, 2014

Great post Nancy. I understand what you are saying. I am thinking of writing a piece about Baby Boomers for the newspaper I am working for – it is incubating in my thoughts at present. No guarantee they will print it but it could be fun writing it 🙂

nrhatch - August 15, 2014

Writing, I’m convinced, helps us unravel the tangled threads of life ~ allowing us to create order from chaos and sense from nonsense.

Good luck with your piece about Baby Boomers.

2. Don - August 15, 2014

Such a marvellous piece on writing Nancy. You inspire me. What a gift it is to be really able to write. I found your little descriptions about writing so valuable and challenging. Here’s to you and your writing, which, by the way, is so, so good. You have a wonderful way of expressing things on paper, on the computer, digitally ??? however we write these days.:)

nrhatch - August 15, 2014

Thank you. For your kind words and your inspiration, Don. I often read one of your posts and receive a delightful insight which allows me to view things from a slightly different angle. With good results.

That’s the best thing about blogging for me ~ the springboard nature of posts. The web is a gigantic Think Tank with thoughts incubating and gestating at various degrees of doneness.

Write on!

3. Grannymar - August 15, 2014

Now I know where I have been going wrong. Not enough chocolate!

New shopping list sorted:



nrhatch - August 15, 2014

Mmm . . . chocolate. :mrgreen:

4. Pix Under the Oaks - August 15, 2014

Just don’t stop writing Nancy! I am glad writing makes you happy! And chocolate makes me happy too!

nrhatch - August 15, 2014

Thanks, Pix. No plans to stop at the present. Maybe I’ll run out of words one day . . . but not today. 😎

I’ve dabbled a bit with this and that . . . but writing for me is where it’s at. Enjoy your day!

5. Jill Weatherholt - August 15, 2014

I love this Nancy! I couldn’t agree with you more. I write for the joy it provides. For me, my writing is better when I’m not focused on getting published…when I’m just writing for the pleasure of writing, that’s the best.

nrhatch - August 15, 2014

Thanks, Jill. It’s great to be at a place in life where we can write for the sheer pleasure it provides . . . with no one looking over our shoulder calling the shots. 😎

6. NancyTex - August 15, 2014

Writing for the love of writing… what a novel concept! 😉

nrhatch - August 15, 2014

Haha. Novel concept . . . that’s punny! :mrgreen:

NancyTex - August 15, 2014


nrhatch - August 15, 2014

Here’s to our amusing musings!

7. Kate @ Did That Just Happen? - August 15, 2014

Oh my gosh – writing is a rabbit hole – now that’s so very true!

nrhatch - August 15, 2014

From a single word, we can expand our reach and head off in any number of directions.

It’s a wonder we ever get the laundry done. 😛

8. ericjbaker - August 15, 2014

Sleep is for non-writers.

Val Boyko - August 15, 2014


nrhatch - August 15, 2014

Yes! Writing gives us something to do (other than stare at the ceiling) when we experience bouts of insomnia.

ericjbaker - August 15, 2014

Which is a nightly occurance for me.

nrhatch - August 15, 2014

Ditto. It is hard to go to sleep and stay that way long enough to rise refreshed and rested.

When I do get a good night’s sleep, I count my lucky stars!

9. Val Boyko - August 15, 2014

So beautifully put Nancy! Getting our thoughts and ideas and knowledge out of our heads is such a wonderful way to share … and relieve the pressure of expanding information and continuous stimuli into our brains 😉
And …. It feels so darn good! Its also about the feelings that we feel … and the feelings we allow others to experience too with our words.
Val x

nrhatch - August 15, 2014

Thanks, Val. I’m delighted to be smack dab in the middle of the digital revolution where we can share thoughts at the touch of a button (“Post Comment”) without wasting postage submitting Letters to the Editor and waiting to see if the Editor deems our words worthy of sharing with the wider world.

Here’s to the World Wide Web ~ an intricate connection of threads from HERE to THERE.

Val Boyko - August 15, 2014

Yes indeed! 🙂

10. livelytwist - August 15, 2014

Love this, “The world expands and we expand with it, noticing nuances and using experiences to entertain, persuade, educate, amuse, and spur others to action.”

Writing is serious business for me. But it is also fun and it comes easily.

So, what will it be today? Reading, and watching soaps! Need a break! 🙂

nrhatch - August 15, 2014

And you have a beautiful way with words, Timi. Enjoy your soaps. We all need our down time.

livelytwist - August 15, 2014

Thank you! Will do.

11. colonialist - August 15, 2014

One of the things I like most about novel writing is how often mine manage to make me gasp with surprise at a development I haven’t seen coming – even though somehow the groundwork has been laid.
Blog posts are more structured.

nrhatch - August 15, 2014

It’s great when our writing turns a sharp corner and surprises us with an unexpected view.

So much better than writing ourselves into a blank wall. 😛

12. Eric Tonningsen - August 15, 2014

Glad to see you saved the best for last. 🙂

Writing comes easily to some. It’s a labor of love for others. What’s beautiful about how people choose words to express themselves is the amazing array of style, tone and taste that then enters our awareness. It’s like feasting at a smorgasbord; with ours to select.

This is a thoughtful and thought-provoking post, Nancy. Thanks.

nrhatch - August 15, 2014

Thanks, Eric. I agree completely about the amazing array of style, tone, and taste being like “feasting at a smorgasbord.”

Savoring “the best for last” . . . chocolate!

13. elizabeth2560 - August 15, 2014

Yes, writing definitely takes us places. That is for sure.
By the way, in a recent post you mentioned something about punctuality that struck a chord with me and I have written a post on that today.

nrhatch - August 15, 2014

Writing often offers clarity to the WHY of WHAT we do. I’ll swing by and check out your post on punctuality.

14. William D'Andrea - August 16, 2014

That sounds very much like me when I’m writing, though not entirely. You seem to have no difficulty coming up with things to write about; sometimes more than one a day. I on the other hand, seem to have run out of new material, and am just waiting patiently for my thoughts to fall into place.

nrhatch - August 16, 2014

When I started blogging, I never expected I would still be blogging 4 1/2 years later. I figured the well would run dry at some point. The opposite seems to be happening ~ the more I write, the faster the flow of ideas. At this rate, I’ll run out of time before I run out of ideas. In either case, time will tell.

Good luck coming up with new material.

15. valleygrail - August 16, 2014

From earliest memories, if there was a crayon, pencil, or pen, and any scrap of paper, I had to write. Always needed to write whatever had wiggled out of my brain and down to my hand. We love words, and all the things we can do with them! Thank you for a wonderful post!

nrhatch - August 16, 2014

There’s a book you might enjoy ~ Ella Minnow Pea:


Told entirely through letters from one citizen to another, using an increasingly limited alphabet, it says so much about our need to communicate freely . . . without governmental intrusion.

valleygrail - August 16, 2014

Thank you!!!

nrhatch - August 16, 2014

You’re welcome. It’s an interesting read.

16. jannatwrites - August 17, 2014

Haha, other than chocolate… so true 🙂 Writing is such a great release for thoughts/ideas in our heads.

nrhatch - August 17, 2014

I’m happy when I write because I’m fully in the flow of the NOW as I tap away at the keyboard. The same thing happens when I paint, but painting is messier and it’s harder to erase mistakes. :mrgreen:

17. Kathy @ SMART Living 365.com - August 17, 2014

Hahaha! I love “The downside to this pleasant pastime of playing with words is that writing is a rabbit-hole.” So very true. Unfortunately that plays out on my own blog as REALLY LONG blog posts! Oh well…as long as WE are enjoying the journey how can that be bad? ~Kathy

nrhatch - August 17, 2014

Thanks, Kathy. I agree. We are here to enjoy the journey ~ as long as we are moving in the direction of happiness, we’re headed the right way. Even if we end up taking a few detours.

18. Three Well Beings - August 19, 2014

I do enjoy writing, and although I have very little time to devote to writing for pleasure–I do spend hours writing reports at work–the truth is that I think about what I’m going to write much of the time. I always have something on my mind that I intend to share later. It’s a great relaxation and provides me hours of personal enjoyment. That’s what it’s all about! 🙂

nrhatch - August 19, 2014

Your posts provide perfect postcards of California, Debra ~ our bucket lists for places to visit on our next visit to the West Coast is growing longer all the time. Wineries. Fossils. Sand Dunes. Train Stations. Castles. Concert Halls. And now lily ponds. 😎

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