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A Day At The Beach August 15, 2022

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Nature, People, Travel & Leisure.

The beaches of Anna Maria Island have been popular for over a century.

Each weekend, throngs of tourists crowd the beaches looking for sun, fun, sand, surf, seashells . . . and cocktails.

While fashions have changed over the years, growing skimpier and skimpier, the scenery remains much the same.

Are you, perchance, in the mood for a bit of time travel?

Want to enjoy a brief blast from the past?

Complete with lots of black and white photos to peruse?

If so, here’s a recent article from the Bradenton Herald with archival photos taken on our beaches Β 100+ years ago . . . when sleeping and camping on the beach were still allowed, and clothing was NOT optional:

Anna Maria Island in the 1900’s and Roaring Twenties

And now, back to the present . . .

Aah . . . that’s beachy!


1. Kate Crimmins - August 15, 2022

A beach day is always a good day!

nrhatch - August 15, 2022

Especially if you’re not constrained by corsets and long skirts and woolen swim apparel as women were in the days of yore. Of course, the pendulum may have swung a bit too far given the extent of sun tan lotion required to protect what used to be “private bits.” πŸ˜€

Kate Crimmins - August 15, 2022

πŸ™‚ Good place to invest money!

nrhatch - August 15, 2022

Where? Inside a sunbather’s g-string?
Haha. :mrgreen:

2. mybeautfulthings - August 15, 2022

So glad we are no longer so ‘dressed up’ to go to the beach these days! Lovely sunny post. πŸ™‚

nrhatch - August 15, 2022

Yes! Wearing long sleeves and a long skirt to wander at water’s edge would take a bit of getting used to!

3. walkingoffthechessboard - August 15, 2022

Those folks back in the day look like they are dressed for an evening out instead of a day on the beach. My how times have changed when it comes to attire…or lack thereof. πŸ™‚

nrhatch - August 15, 2022

They do! Nowadays, anything (or nothing) goes!

4. Savoring Sixty and Beyond - August 15, 2022

Beautiful beach! I just love the Gulf!

nrhatch - August 15, 2022

We do too ~ everything from the color to the temperature to the calmer wave action.

5. Nicki Chen - August 16, 2022

That white, white sand is so amazing.

It looks like the clothing became more reasonable by about 1917. I don’t know why anyone would even go to the beach in all those clothes they wore earlier.

nrhatch - August 16, 2022

It is white and quite reflective . . . which makes it much cooler to walk on than the sand I grew up with in NJ.

And I agree about the clothes. Living back then wouldn’t have been much of a “picnic” for ladies laden down with layer after layer.

6. Val Boyko - August 16, 2022

Let the seams out, breathe in the sea air, and and let go of whatever it is that is ready to let go. Beaches are so healing and inspiring πŸ₯°

nrhatch - August 16, 2022

The ever-changing constancy
Of life beside the briny sea
Where water reaches out to sky
Never fails to satisfy

Val Boyko - August 17, 2022

Well said my friend πŸ₯°

7. L. Marie - August 17, 2022

Glad to see you back with vacation photos! Though for some reason, I was expecting the last photo to be a beach drinks photo. πŸ˜„

nrhatch - August 17, 2022

You’ve got a point ~ I should have posted an umbrella drink . . . πŸ˜€

L. Marie - August 19, 2022

I mentiioned that because your food and beverage write-ups always make me hungry!

nrhatch - August 19, 2022

It’s about time I shared some good food shots!

8. Ally Bean - August 17, 2022

Remember the signs that said: LIFE’S A BEACH? I do, if only it was true.

nrhatch - August 17, 2022

I do ~ signs, t-shirts, bumper stickers, posters. The beach is a special place!

9. Debra - August 18, 2022

What’s not to love? A beachy day is always perfect to me. πŸ™‚

nrhatch - August 19, 2022

To the beach!

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