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Down The Hatch March 25, 2022

Posted by nrhatch in Animals, Food & Drink, Travel & Leisure.

After our climb, we had dinner on the shores of the Halifax River at Down the Hatch, an iconic seafood restaurant in Ponce Inlet that has been on my radar for years . . .

The name got my attention right away.

We arrived in time for Happy Hour with 2-for-1 domestic drafts and yummy corn fritters!

While we waited for dinner and enjoyed our drinks, we soaked up the view from our table as the sun set.

The waitresses were friendly and attentive.

The only downside?  The menu was a bit heavy on the fried  for us . . . which worked to the advantage of a friendly dog, Tucker, located at the next table.

Tucker gleefully scarfed down proffered fried clams from my basket, while counting his canine blessings.  When we left, we gave a doggy bag to Tucker with the remainder of my meal.

Before leaving, we snapped one last photo op before calling it a night.

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. granny1947 - March 25, 2022

Like you I don’t really do fried food either. But, the venue looks good. Lucky doggy.

nrhatch - March 25, 2022

Lovely weather. Lovely views. Lovely waitress. Lovely pup to share my meal. 😀

2. Rivergirl - March 25, 2022

I love seaside places like that but we rarely go because my husband hates fried food. Would it kill them to turn on a broiler once in a while…?

nrhatch - March 25, 2022

Down The Hatch probably offered some broiled seafood which would have suited your husband. I prefer having a few vegetarian options that aren’t fried ~> even a baked potato and order of broccoli or small side salad or a cup of veggie soup would have suited me. The next day we were at a seafood restaurant that offered several sides that worked for me ~ rice & beans, side Caesar, etc. More to my tastes.

I’ve often wondered about your husband’s healthy looking lunches ~ whether it was by choice or due to “doctor’s orders.” Now I know that he isn’t a fan of fried food!

Rivergirl - March 25, 2022

Choice and necessity. He doesn’t like fried, never has … but triple bypass 5 years ago made a difference as well.

nrhatch - March 25, 2022

Gotcha! Hope you’ll be enjoying meals together for years to come . . . and also that he relaxes into retirement. 😀

3. Kate Crimmins - March 25, 2022

I like fried food but in moderation. I rarely make it so it’s a treat like potato chips to be savored once every blue moon!

nrhatch - March 25, 2022

Agreed. We can appreciate one dish of fried food at a meal, but too much at the same meal loses its appeal.

Kate Crimmins - March 25, 2022

I was in a southern city visiting several years ago and everything was fried. Only salads I could find were iceberg. I had a great time but it just wasn’t my kind of food for any extended stay.

nrhatch - March 25, 2022

Would you like Sweet Tea with that? 😀

4. L. Marie - March 25, 2022

I enjoy these food-related posts, because your menu choices always look so good.

nrhatch - March 26, 2022

Yes! Food is fun to view. I’m really nosy at restaurants . . . checking the plates of food as they parade by.

5. Ally Bean - March 26, 2022

Cute, cute. I always like seaside restaurants. There are none around here, of course, so to me they seem special even if there is too much fried stuff on the menu.

nrhatch - March 26, 2022

Waterside restaurants are a favorite of ours too, Ally.

Down The Hatch reminded us of a seaside restaurant in NJ ~ the Wharfside in Point Pleasant.

6. Behind the Story - March 27, 2022

Nothing is better than a table with a sea view and a sunset shining on the water. Of course, food that suits your taste is nice too.

nrhatch - March 27, 2022

Yes! And after climbing the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, it felt great to just sit and soak up the views!

We both loved the corn fritters. 😀

7. Debra - March 27, 2022

What a wonderful location, complete with sunset! The corn fritters would be a real treat. 🙂

nrhatch - March 27, 2022

They were the highlight of the meal . . . with a sunset to cap things off!

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