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Happy Bloody Mary Day! January 1, 2022

Posted by nrhatch in Food & Drink, Happiness, Life Balance, Mindfulness.

We enjoyed a night in last night watching two uplifting and inspiring movies ~ The Bucket and The Exception.  One set during World War I and the other set during World War II.

We’re a complicated bunch, but most of us (not Himmler, not Hitler) sparkle and shine from time to time.

We paused the second movie at midnight to tune into Times Square for the final countdown:

3 – 2 – 1 . . . Happy New Year!

We stayed up far too late and got up far too early so we won’t be crossing many things off our To Do Lists today.

Instead, we’ll enjoy coffee and croissants before heading to the beach for a walk and then on to the pier to toast the New Year with a $1 Bloody Mary (or two).  Cheers!

Here’s to 2022!

Hope your year is more UP than DOWN.

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. Kate Crimmins - January 1, 2022

Happy New Year!

nrhatch - January 1, 2022

Thanks, Kate. Hope 2022 is off to a pleasing commencement.

Kate Crimmins - January 1, 2022

So far so good (except for a very rainy day but that’s not a bad thing).

nrhatch - January 1, 2022

Just got off a ZOOM call with my brothers ~ brother in NJ dealing with rain. Brother in Colorado dealing with snow.

The only thing we got drenched with today ~> SUNSHINE! 😀

2. Val Boyko - January 1, 2022

Happy New Year Nancy 🎉🙏🎈🥂

nrhatch - January 1, 2022

Thanks, Val. I did your lunchtime yoga routine yesterday to end the year in as flex a mode as possible.

3. roughwighting - January 1, 2022

That sounds like a pretty perfect way to bring in the New Year! I “allow” myself a bloody Mary about twice a year. Our son visited us two weeks ago (from CA, for business) and he took us out for a really nice lunch in the city. I had a WONDERFUL bloody Mary. 🙂 Happiest of New Years, Nancy.

nrhatch - January 1, 2022

It was perfect and the weather cooperated fully ~ a walk on the beach, a drink on the pier, lunch on the deck, a bike ride, AND a dip in the pool!

I love having a Bloody Mary (or two) on NYD. It just seems like a good way to ring in the New Year.

Have a fabulous year, Pam!

4. Rivergirl - January 1, 2022

Sounds like a plan. Cheers!

nrhatch - January 1, 2022

Plan A worked out great . . . once we found a parking spot on a very congested island. We parked about a mile from the pier but that’s about how far we wanted to walk on the beach anyway. So it worked!

Happy New Year!

5. Behind the Story - January 2, 2022

That’s a good hope: more up than down. Happy New Year, Nancy.

nrhatch - January 2, 2022

A sprinkling of DOWN helps us appreciate when things are looking UP . . . as long as we remember to raise our line of vision to the horizon to take in the view.

Hope your year is starting off on the right foot, Nicki! Cheers!

6. Debra - January 3, 2022

Happy New Year, Nancy. I like the way you toasted the new year. We watched the “ball drop” in NYC, which was only 9 PM PST, LOL, and I think we were in bed by 10. We have been in Covid lockdown since my son-in-law and one granddaughter tested positive right after Christmas. Since we all live together, we were exposed, but escaped. Everyone is fine now, but what an ordeal. Both were immunized (my son-in-law boosted) and we have been so careful, but there you go. I’m hopeful that this new year will bring some relief in that area. Fingers crossed!

nrhatch - January 3, 2022

This pandemic keeps giving . . . and taking. Glad your SIL and granddaughter are on the road to recovery.

Here’s to a year of pleasant surprises for all of us!

7. L. Marie - January 3, 2022

Happy New Year, Nancy!

nrhatch - January 3, 2022

Thanks, LM! Hope you made it through the holidays with your sense of humor intact and your spirit restored! Happy 2022!

8. Ally Bean - January 5, 2022

I’m impressed that you were up at midnight. Way to go. I’d love to start the year by taking a walk on a beach then drinking Bloody Marys. You are living the life! Happy New Year, Nancy.

nrhatch - January 5, 2022

Some years on New Year’s Eve, I’m tucked in bed by 10 pm. This year, we were both bright eyed until 1 am!

Our 2022 is off to a great start. Wish you could have joined us for a Bloody Mary on the pier, Ally. You and I would have lots of interesting observations to share for sure. Happy New Year!

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