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Spring Forward . . . Fall Back! November 6, 2021

Posted by nrhatch in Health & Wellness, Humor, Life Balance.

Today is the last day of daylight savings time for many of us.  We lose an hour in the Spring and reclaim it in the Fall.

As you “Fall Back” tonight . . .

Please take any necessary precautions to avoid serious injury.

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. Sarah Davis - November 6, 2021

I wish we could stop falling and springing…mess me and my animals up.

nrhatch - November 6, 2021

Same here, Sarah. I keep hearing that we’re going to stay with permanent DST here in Florida and then it doesn’t happen and its time to change the clocks again. Maybe soon . . .

2. Behind the Story - November 6, 2021

Tomorrow the sun will set here in Seattle at about 4:40.

nrhatch - November 7, 2021

Wow! That is EARLY. Here, the sunset will be an hour later than that tonight ~ 5:43. But that’s an hour earlier than last night. So I guess it’s all relative.

We shall have to make the most of the daylight hours ~ enjoying ourselves while the sun shines!

3. Debra - November 8, 2021

I’m not hating the time change the way so many seem to, as I’m not a morning person by nature and like to have a little earlier morning sunlight! It is a crazy pattern twice a year, though, isn’t it?

nrhatch - November 8, 2021

I’m actually enjoying getting up at my regular sun time but seeing that it’s an hour earlier when I glance at the clock.

That said, I was EXHAUSTED last night by 10 pm.

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