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Happy Labor Day! September 6, 2021

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Less IS More, Life Balance, Mindfulness.

For those of you in the States . . .

Enjoy a Happy & Safe Labor Day!

One that’s filled with relaxation, refreshment, respite, and rejuvenation.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Wash your cares away.

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. Kate Crimmins - September 6, 2021

Happy Labor Day to you Nancy!

nrhatch - September 6, 2021

Thanks, Kate. Our neighborhood is having a potluck Happy Hour up at the clubhouse at 5. We haven’t attended any social events like that since the pandemic started. I’m trying to decide if I’m “brave” enough to attend. 😛

Kate Crimmins - September 6, 2021

Good luck with that. I’m always on the fence about those things. Sometimes I go and sometimes I don’t.

nrhatch - September 6, 2021

I sat on the fence until 5 pm and decided against attending the get-together. Instead we watched a matinee (at home) and enjoy some pizza for dinner. A nice relaxing end to the weekend.

2. L. Marie - September 6, 2021

Happy Labor Day, Nancy! I’m feeling lazy today, which seems very appropriate for Labor Day. 😄

nrhatch - September 6, 2021

A Happy Lazy Labor Day sounds perfect, LM. After getting some fresh air and exercise this morning, I’ve spent most of the afternoon reading and relaxing ~> my kind of “celebration.”

3. Debra - September 6, 2021

Your words and lovely photos make me feel relaxed and just a little bit festive, although we didn’t do anything this weekend to specifically “feel” a holiday. Nonetheless, it was a good weekend, and I think we have fewer cares and a little less baggage than we did last Labor Day. I hope you’ll be able to share a little happy hour time with your friends at the clubhouse. It just sounds so “hopeful!” 🙂

nrhatch - September 6, 2021

We enjoyed a relaxing time . . . at home. We decided to watch a late afternoon matinee of Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade and thoroughly enjoyed seeing it again. It’s been 25 years since we saw it the first time.

Glad you have a little less baggage than last Labor Day. Same here.

4. Behind the Story - September 7, 2021

Happy Labor Day to you, Nancy. I like the greeting on the sand with the approaching wave.

nrhatch - September 7, 2021

Thanks, Nicki. Sand missives are flexible fun ~> SEASON’S GREETINGS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, HAPPY 4TH, GOBBLE GOBBLE, GO TEAM! 😀

We also love stumbling upon sand mermaids, sand dolphins, and sand castles on our beach walks.

5. anotherday2paradise - September 7, 2021

We stayed home and cooked a great dinner. One day is very much the same as another at the moment.

nrhatch - September 7, 2021

You got that right, Sylvia! We’re back to wearing masks and keeping our fingers crossed that the library stays OPEN.

But at least we’re not hiding out in an attic hoping that the Nazis won’t find us (like Anne Frank).

6. mybeautfulthings - September 8, 2021

Belated Happy Labour Day to you. Hope you did find time for relaxation and rejuvenation. 🙂

nrhatch - September 8, 2021

Thanks, Sally. I enjoyed sharing YOUR recent walk on the beach at LOW tide.

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