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Some Telling Numbers August 25, 2021

Posted by nrhatch in Health & Wellness, People.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital posted some telling numbers on Monday, comparing the recent effects of Covid on vaccinated vs. unvaccinated people:

*Out of 230 patients hospitalized, 25 were vaccinated and 205 hadn’t managed to get vaccinated yet.

*Out of 51 patients in the ICU, 3 were vaccinated and 48 remained unvaccinated.

*Out of 34 folks on ventilators ~> 1 was vaccinated and 33 were NOT.

Covid vaccinations save lives and prevent serious life-threatening symptoms, like impaired breathing.

Know anyone who is dragging their heels?

Encourage them to get vaccinated . . . before it’s too late.

Aah . . . that’s better! 


1. Val Boyko - August 25, 2021

So true … but hard to turn around others embedded beliefs, who see the world so differently.

nrhatch - August 25, 2021

That’s why these numbers are worth sharing with them.

89% of the folks hospitalized with Covid are there because they haven’t been vaccinated.

2. Sarah Davis - August 25, 2021

Through a dear friend that is not vaxxed or masking, I am learning that there is fear all the way around. Not taking sides, just pointing out something that must be considered to change a thought process.

nrhatch - August 25, 2021

Well, if they die, it’s on them.

Sarah Davis - August 26, 2021

Yep…and this allows the virus to continue to mutate.

nrhatch - August 26, 2021

That is a problem, Sarah. I saw an excellent analogy the other day:

We are all in the same ship. Some of us are saying, “it’s MY cabin, I can do what I want” as they poke holes in the boat allowing water to sink OUR ship.

And then there is the fact that all those hospital beds filled with unvaccinated folks are UNAVAILABLE for people with other serious health conditions.

And doctors and nurses are MORE fatigued than they would have been if people would just get vaccinated.

My nephew (a doctor in KY) shared similar stats with me last night ~ of the Covid patients in his hospital . . . 86% are people who are NOT vaccinated.

Vax up, people!

3. Debra - August 25, 2021

The statistics speak to me, and I don’t really know how to understand people for whom they don’t. I really do wonder how many more people will lose their lives convinced that the vaccine was a danger to them.

nrhatch - August 25, 2021

Seeing these statistics made me want to share them, especially now that the FDA has approved Pfizer’s vaccine.

4. Behind the Story - August 26, 2021

I spoke to someone yesterday at the chiropractor’s office. She seems to think she knows better. She’s proud of her natural lifestyle and convinced she knows how to boost her immunity sufficiently.

nrhatch - August 26, 2021

Well, as long as she’s drinking a gallon of Moon Juice and Walking in Sunshine every day, she should be A-OK.

Or not.

Time will tell.

5. Rivergirl - August 26, 2021

Sadly the days for encouragement have passed. We might see a few fence sitters get vaccinated now that it has full FDA approval but the majority of anti vaxxers will stay anti vaxxers … to their, and our, peril.

nrhatch - August 26, 2021

Yup. You can’t fix stupid . . . except by Darwin’s principle of “survival of the fittest.” 😛

6. Kate Crimmins - August 26, 2021

As you say, you can’t fix stupid no matter how hard you try!

nrhatch - August 26, 2021

Some people are resistant to reason.

Erica/Erika - August 27, 2021

You always share my inside voice well, Kate.

nrhatch - August 27, 2021

Great minds like a think!

7. Erica/Erika - August 27, 2021

“Dragging their heels” unfortunately, and a contentious serious issue right now affecting families and marriages. (Not my marriage) Frustrating, sad….many emotions. The before its too late greatly saddens me. Especially when children who do not have a choice are affected. We had some serious ‘discussions’ yesterday, Nancy, so your post hit home.

nrhatch - August 27, 2021

I agree. Since children under 12 aren’t eligible yet (and some older children are “forbidden” by their parents to get vaccinated), it would be great to see everyone who is eligible (and who does not have a VALID REASON to abstain) step up to the plate and get vaccinated.

But we won’t because they won’t.

So we must “do what we can with what we have where we are” and encourage people one by one to vax up!

8. L. Marie - August 27, 2021

I see Val Boyko’s point, though I also understand the post.

nrhatch - August 27, 2021

I didn’t get the sense that Val isn’t “on board” with the sentiments of the post . . . but she (like me) realizes that we are probably beating our heads against the wall since most of the anti-vaxers are stalwart about their stance ~> Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death.

Sadly, most of them are choosing Death.

L. Marie - August 27, 2021

I know what you mean. I meant that I know people who are convinced that the shot is wrong for them. This has been a huge battle in my family.

nrhatch - August 27, 2021

My immediate family (brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, & BFF) are all vaccinated, but some extended family (in-laws brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers) have taken the stance of:


Fair enough. But Covid might ~> “Get thee to a hospital.”

I’ve seen many news clips of unvaccinated people saying, “I wish I knew then what I know now . . . I would definitely have gotten vaccinated.”

I did see one clip contrary to that trend where the guy who was quite sick said, “I’m still glad that I didn’t get vaccinated.”

Vax Up People!

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