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Become A Scottish Lord Or Lady July 23, 2021

Posted by nrhatch in Home & Garden, Humor, Less IS More, Sustainable Living.

Do ye have a wee hankering for a title to land in the Scottish Highlands?

Land that comes with a title?

Well, you are in luck!  For a wee remittance, you can attain title to a title while helping to conserve the Highland Titles Nature Reserve.

And you’ll become a Lord, Lady, or Laird of Glencoe in the process . . . with a certificate to prove it to any naysayers!

For a few of the enticing details:

Finding your plot:

For some nice views:

What you get in your welcome packet:

Aah . . . that’s it, milord!


1. Kate Crimmins - July 23, 2021

I think I’ll pass…

nrhatch - July 23, 2021

It’s a great way to encourage people to support the conservation of land in the Scottish Highlands, making it a sustainable gift option for wannabe lords, ladies, and lairds!

I am toying with the idea of getting a gift pack for my sister. (Shhh . . . mum’s the word!)

Kate Crimmins - July 23, 2021

I won’t tell her and yes that’s a great idea!

nrhatch - July 23, 2021

Yup. Way better than getting another free calendar with your charitable contributions. 😛

2. L. Marie - July 23, 2021

Hmmm. Tempting, but that’s a firm no from me. 😄

nrhatch - July 23, 2021

Are you sure?
You could be Lady Marie! ~> You wouldn’t even have to change your moniker from L. Marie. 😀

3. Ally Bean - July 23, 2021

I come from a long line of Scottish folks, the history of which I know nothing about. For all I know I might be a Lady already and not know it. Of course, this is a great Plan B for becoming Lady Bean.

nrhatch - July 23, 2021

I’m 100% Scot . . . on my mother’s side. From Aberdeen and Edinburgh, with summer stays in the Orkney Isles. Clan MacKintosh (“touch not the cat bod a glove”), but no titles so far as I know.

Val Boyko - July 23, 2021

You are indeed a canny woman Nancy 💕

nrhatch - July 23, 2021

Let’s hope!

4. Val Boyko - July 23, 2021

We were gifted a square foot of Highland turf and the titles as a wedding gift. It’s a bit of a hoot in Scotland to honor my Yank husband. The land in question is totally inaccessible, but we we are happy to support the land conservation 😊

nrhatch - July 23, 2021

Yes! It’s an excellent way to preserve a Highland Reserve. Plus it’s fun to bestow a title on someone.

5. Rivergirl - July 24, 2021

I love this! I’m already Scottish on my father’s side… so why not?

nrhatch - July 24, 2021

I thought it might appeal to the Scottish Lassie in you!

6. mybeautfulthings - July 24, 2021

What a delightful idea!That would make a very special and amusing gift. 🙂

nrhatch - July 24, 2021

I can see any number of folks being quite chuffed to own title to land that comes with a title . . . no matter how small the plot!

7. Behind the Story - July 24, 2021

My ancestors on my dad’s side are from the Scottish highlands, a little town called Cromarty. (My maiden name was Cromarty.) They didn’t stay there, though, They moved to the Orkneys, a less pleasant place, so they moved again–to Canada and then the US. The videos above look a lot like some areas near me in WA.

nrhatch - July 24, 2021

You’ve shared some great landscape shots in WA. Now you can purchase a wee spot of doppelgänger land in Bonnie Scotland!

8. roughwighting - July 26, 2021

I’m not sure I ever want to be a “lady.” 🙂 🙂

nrhatch - July 26, 2021

Haha! Good point, Pam. I know I’m not interested in being one of those ladies in Downton Abbey, etc., that have to change outfits 6x a day, each change requiring the assistance of a lady’s maid. 😛

roughwighting - July 28, 2021

I’m laughing at myself too. I was raised to be “ladylike” and I am, but sometimes I like to pretend that I can get wild and raucous. But, in truth, I don’t. But no lady’s maid for me, for sure. 🙂

nrhatch - July 30, 2021

Here’s to being a “Fair Lady.”

9. sarsm - July 28, 2021

So funny, my daughter her boyfriend and a couple of others got together and purchased one for my son’s birthday a couple of months back. So now we have to call him Lord Lawrence…

nrhatch - July 28, 2021

Excellent! It has a delightful alliteration to it!

sarsm - July 28, 2021

I think so too.

10. Debra - July 30, 2021

I think this is really quite a clever way to raise charitable funds! I am tempted. 🙂

nrhatch - July 30, 2021

Excellent! I hope you can think of someone (including you!) who would get a kick out of holding a title to land and having a title to wear. 😀

11. Erica/Erika - August 4, 2021

Finding your plot makes me slightly cringe…..yet reality. I may opt out for now, Nancy. I don’t always act like a “lady.”😀

nrhatch - August 4, 2021

I don’t think the plots are big enough for burials. You have to enjoy them from ABOVE ground. 😀

It’s a creative idea for conserving land, and a lovely gimmick for wannabe lords and ladies.

And now a toast:

“Here’s to us; who is as good as us? Damn few, and they’re all dead” ~ Robbie Burns

Erica/Erika - August 4, 2021

Ha, ha….I will mull on this one…I will smile on this one….🙂

nrhatch - August 4, 2021

Robbie had a way with words, did he not?

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