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Try Try Again July 8, 2021

Posted by nrhatch in Blogging, Gratitude, Happiness, Humor.

After reading Ally Bean’s latest post . . . and the comments (thanks, shore acres!) . . . I resurrected the Classic Editor.  HUZZAH!

I am a happy camper.


If Classic Editor remains available, maybe I’ll find some blog worthy material to share on a more regular basis.

I am also happy that Hurricane Elsa didn’t ruffle many feathers around here.  A few tree limbs down, and leaves strewn around, but no significant damage.

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. Ally Bean - July 8, 2021

Shoreacres is saving us all from the agony of the Blockhead Editor. I was tickled when I followed her instructions and *winner, winner, chicken dinner* there was my favorite Classic Editor.

For as long as we can get to it, let the good blogging times roll. 🍻

nrhatch - July 8, 2021

Yes! I did this post in “no time at all” . . . easy, peasy!!!

Here’s to the Classic Editor!
Here’s to blogging being fun again.

Ally Bean - July 8, 2021

Now THAT’S how blogging is meant to be. EZPZ.

nrhatch - July 8, 2021


2. mybeautfulthings - July 8, 2021

I LOVE the Classic editor! I can’t remember who helped me ditch the Blockhead version and get back to being a Happy Blogger again but it has made all the difference. I can’t stand that new version.
Welcome back, Nancy!

nrhatch - July 8, 2021

I had learned a “go round” but things changed again behind the scenes. Glad I saw shoreacres comment this morning. Fingers crossed that I can keep the Classic Editor available.

3. Rivergirl - July 8, 2021

I moaned and groaned the loudest about the stupid new editor, but actually find it quite easy to use on my phone. When in the computer I do however revert to classic.

nrhatch - July 8, 2021

That’s interesting, RG. Maybe the block editor is designed for writing posts “on the go” from smart phones and doesn’t translate well to desktops?

Rivergirl - July 8, 2021

Could be. I was switching to classic editor on my phone for a while but then I updated the app and the choice disappeared… it was sink or swim.

nrhatch - July 8, 2021

Good think you’re a prolific “swimmer.’ 😀

4. Kate Crimmins - July 9, 2021

One day they will pull the rug out from under us classic lovers!

nrhatch - July 9, 2021

I’ll enjoy it while it lasts because I do know what I got . . . until it’s gone. 😀

5. Behind the Story - July 9, 2021

I love the lovely yellow and blue house picture. Who painted it, and where is the house?

nrhatch - July 9, 2021

It’s definitely a Key West style bungalow . . . and I can’t remember where I “borrowed” it from.

6. Erica/Erika - July 9, 2021

Hi Nancy, I have been reading through all of the comments on Ally’s site. I have had some increased recent challenges formatting a post using the Block Editor. I have learned some tedious, time consuming tricks. Not intuitive at all. I used the Classic plus the Block editor in one post about a year ago and I had some editing challenges. Not sure how all of this will play out. Happy Hurricane Elsa did not ruffle too many feathers around you.

nrhatch - July 9, 2021

Thanks, Erica. If you go to your profile page and type Classic Editor into the search bar, it will explain why you should NOT be using Classic Editor . . . and then it will walk you through how to access it “against their better judgment.”

For now, when I click on “All Posts,” a Classic Editor option is available to writing and editing. Good Luck!

7. Debra - July 9, 2021

Thanks for the heads up regarding Ally’s site and I will have hope that I can follow along and “fix” my own classic editor concerns. I have been so annoyed. 🙂 And I, too, am very happy that Hurricane Elsa wasn’t all that she could have been! Have a great weekend.

nrhatch - July 9, 2021

Annoyed, disheartened, disgruntled, dissatisfied, and now ~> Delivered! 😀

Good luck accessing the Classic Editor. It took me a couple Tries to switch over following shoreacres suggestions and using the HELP option on WP. Fingers crossed the switch sticks!

8. roughwighting - July 10, 2021

I agree! Shore acres save my life or at least my WordPress life! She even emailed me individually and gave me a step-by-step explanation of what to do. Blogging is fun again! I am so glad that you will continue to entertain and inform us in your fun yet thoughtful posts. 🙏 I’m glad you didn’t get too much rain. We got 3.5 inches of it from Elsa yesterday.

nrhatch - July 10, 2021

Yay! There is wide agreement that the Classic Editor is much more FUN and that Shore Acres rocks!

Elsa made her presence known up and down the Eastern Seaboard. The subway in NYC is soaked!

9. L. Marie - July 11, 2021

I finally did what Shoreacres said. What a lifesaver!

nrhatch - July 11, 2021

I agree! Blogging is FUN again!

10. joyroses13 - August 14, 2021

Yes, sooo glad to still be able to use the classic editor! 🙂

nrhatch - August 14, 2021

I am positively JOYOUS when I swing behind the curtain to write a post and find Classic Editor waiting for me.

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