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Call Me Taciturn July 2, 2021

Posted by nrhatch in Blogging, Humor, Writing & Writers.

When I started Spirit Lights The Way, more than a decade ago, I posted daily and never seemed to run out of things to say.

No one would have referred to me as taciturn.

Quite the opposite.

I might have been described as loquacious, open, communicative, fluent, talkative, garrulous, chattering, prating, prattling, twaddling, verbose, gabbling, and/or cackling.

In short, a real Chatty Cathy.

In contrast, for most of June, I’ve stayed silent.

A topic comes to me. I start to flesh it out. But I don’t follow through to the FINISH line.

You might say I’ve been “ghosting” my postings.

I don’t blame the pandemic, but it’s played its part ~> social distancing in real life has encouraged me to exercise a greater degree of social media distancing.

Then again, maybe I’ve just become reserved, uncommunicative, incommunicado, reticent, and stingy with words in my old age.

Time will tell!

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. Erica/Erika - July 2, 2021

A witty, entertaining and thoughtful post, Nancy. I did check in on your site to see whether I missed anything this past month. I believe “Nancy” is still in there in whatever form she decides to present herself. I also ‘get it’ on where I am placing my energies these days.

nrhatch - July 2, 2021

Thanks, Erica!

I think part of the “problem” is the new WP editor. I’m not a fan. I used to be able to toss together a post with no concern other than the words and images I chose to use. Not so anymore. It’s a pain in the patootie!

2. Erica/Erika - July 2, 2021

I do find it more tedious and laborious. Initially, I thought it was just me. I have heard from very seasoned bloggers how every step is more complicated with less free rein. I don’t have the answer on this one, Nancy 🧐

nrhatch - July 2, 2021

Yup. Instead of knowing instinctively how to insert an image or add categories or schedule a post, everything about the new WP editor is a tedious slog.

It’s taken a bit of the joy out of blogging for me.

3. L. Marie - July 2, 2021

Hi, Nancy
It seems I’m not the only blogger who is reevaluating a blog. The new WP editor doesn’t help.

nrhatch - July 2, 2021

You said it, sister! When I’m commenting here or on other blogs, the words flow out of my fingertips with ease. But creating a new post seems more like work these days. The new WP editor is just not intuitive for me . . . so blogging has become less fun.

4. Rivergirl - July 2, 2021

I’ve been blogging for almost 13 years and have always been prolific…. but then again, my posts are mostly inane drivel so it’s not a chore.

nrhatch - July 2, 2021

And you also demonstrate gardening prowess in your blogs PLUS sharing photos of Lord Dudley!

Rivergirl - July 2, 2021

Entertaining drivel then.

nrhatch - July 2, 2021

Just so!

5. Ally Bean - July 2, 2021

I’m the opposite of you. Social distancing in real life has given me the impetus to jump into social media more. It’s been fun, but I wonder if I’ll slow down now that I’m allowed to roam around the earth again. Like you, time will tell.

nrhatch - July 2, 2021

I expected that I would spend more time blogging during the pandemic due to more time on my hands. It hasn’t happened. Not talking to people in real time seems to have quelled the urge to chat on SLTW . . . but I still like to roam around and comment on other blogs. 😀

6. Kate Crimmins - July 2, 2021

I remember the stories of your family from many years ago. Always entertaining but so are your jokes and inspirational posts. I’m bad. I haven’t moved to the new editor yet. Soon I will be booted off of classic for good. They have moved some things around on me so I think that’s part of the torture.

nrhatch - July 2, 2021

Thanks, Kate. You have amazed me with all that you have accomplished in the past year . . . including The Move and all that has accompanied that feat. In contrast, I’ve done little more than walk, bike, swim, read, watch movies, and . . . EAT every day.

I think if the WP editor I’d been using were available, I might find a bit more to say. Or not. Maybe I’m just being LAZY! 😛

Kate Crimmins - July 2, 2021

That’s so funny because I’d prefer to walk, bike, swim, read, watch movies and eat than buy a house, sell a house and move in a pandemic. I was around so many people that I thought for sure I would die!

nrhatch - July 2, 2021

I hear ya, Kate. I have enjoyed doing “nothing” during the pandemic ~ one happy moment after another. Staying away from people (except for BFF) was not an issue for me.

That said, it was hard to watch the impact of the pandemic on others and hope that we will be out of the woods soon.

7. Debra - July 2, 2021

I was kind of relieved to see your comment about not being happy with WP editor. I can honestly say that I, too, find it frustrating, and unless I have a lot of time at my disposal, I just can’t get around to posting. But I do think that as much as I really do enjoy blogging, I can’t give it the degree of attention I once did. I hope you’ll just find a pace, as slow and infrequent as necessary, that keeps you present at least from time to time! I would really miss you! 🙂

nrhatch - July 2, 2021

Thanks, Debra. Right back atcha! I’m always pleased to see one of your posts (however infrequent) in my in box.

I used to be able to write and post with ease. Now every part of every post is a time-consuming struggle. I guess you get what you pay for, eh? 😛

8. Behind the Story - July 3, 2021

NIce post, Nancy. I’ve never been a chatty person, For many years I did post once a week. Now it’s once every two or three weeks. Without travel and social stimulation, it’s harder to come up with new posts.

nrhatch - July 3, 2021

Thanks, Nicki! You seem to have a nice flow to your posts.

At this point on my blogging journey, I put NO PRESSURE on myself to write to a schedule or stick to a theme. I’ll continue to write . . . if I have something to say.

That said, I’d probably find more things to say IF the WP editor reverted back to the one I “grew up” with.

9. anotherday2paradise - July 5, 2021

I hear you, Nancy. I used to post almost daily, but now it’s an effort to post once weekly. I think that having blogged for over fifteen years, I’m running out of steam and have found other ways to occupy my time. Always good to see you though. 🙂

nrhatch - July 5, 2021

Thanks, Sylvia. Yes, like you I am happily engaged with other pursuits. I enjoy spending LESS time at the computer than was required when I started blogging. But I still enjoy checking in with other bloggers and blog visitors (like Ali Gator).

10. joyroses13 - August 14, 2021

Glad to see you post again and I realize that I missed several! They weren’t showing up on my Reader and I been so busy working extra hours that I been bad at checking my email.
Love the kitty and ducks, Chatty Cathy. 🙂 I think Covid has changed routines for many!

nrhatch - August 14, 2021

The same thing has happened to me with various blogs over the years. Eventually, the fact that I’m missing posts clicks. Not sure why they go MIA.

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