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Be Patient With Yourself March 27, 2021

Posted by nrhatch in Gratitude, Happiness, Humor, Life Balance, Mindfulness.

You are enough.

Be patient with yourself.

Progress is better than perfection.

Nothing in nature blooms all year.

Grow your dreams like flowers . . . dirt and all.

Aah . . . that’s better!



1. Kate Crimmins - March 27, 2021

Happy spring although I expect your weather has been nice for a while.

nrhatch - March 27, 2021

It’s been gorgeous for a few weeks . . . with a few days that felt more like SUMMER than Spring.

But the mornings have been uniformly pleasant.

Hope you are feeling more settled by the day ~ progress, not perfection!

2. Erica/Erika - March 27, 2021

The “you are enough” is a message I appreciate and I often share with my daughters. “Progress is better than perfection” a ‘perfect’ mantra. 🤪Now is was my turn to make you smile, Nancy. Have a great weekend!😁

nrhatch - March 27, 2021

Thanks for the smiles, Erica! It’s a great message to share with daughters and sons and husbands and wives.

The power of “I am enough” makes us happy to be ALIVE!

3. Val Boyko - March 27, 2021

Nice reminder Nancy 🙏

nrhatch - March 27, 2021

Thanks, Val. This whole series (which I started in January) has focused on reminding myself (and others) of all the ways that our perspective shapes our daily lives.

The more buoyant our thoughts . . . the more spring in our steps!

Val Boyko - March 28, 2021

Happy shifting Nancy 🥰

nrhatch - March 28, 2021

And speaking of spring in our steps . . . it’s time for a walk!

Have a Sunday filled with calm and soothing sights, sounds, and breaths. _/!\_

4. Sarah Davis - March 27, 2021

If only we could remember this when things are hard and our ego starts yelling.

nrhatch - March 27, 2021

I have gotten better and better at recognizing that Ego’s insistence does NOT make it so.

I am that I am. That’s enough . . .

5. Behind the Story - March 27, 2021

During COVID, with so little difference between work days and days of rest, it’s nice to remember that “Nothing in nature blooms all year.” We all need a day or two every once in a while with no obligations. Love the yellow flowers.

nrhatch - March 28, 2021

Every since I “retired” (whatever that means), I’ve alternated stuff I “need to do” with stuff I “want to do” ~ e.g., paying the bills followed by doing a crossword or finishing the taxes followed by doing a happy dance! 😀

BFF’s bouquets to me usually contain bright yellow flowers since they are my fave.

Hope your Sunday is a Fun Day.

6. Debra - March 28, 2021

I really believe this is true, Nancy. I think I was well on the way towards fully embracing a more compassionate and gentle approach to my life, but after the year that we’ve all had, I REALLY get it now! I ask myself all the time now if what I’m doing is what I really want to do and if not, change course. LOL!

nrhatch - March 28, 2021

Excellent, Debra! The pandemic has given many of us “breathing room” to re-prioritize our priorities. When we aren’t trying to DO so much we have more time to BE who we want to be.

Here’s to weathering the storm in style!

7. L. Marie - March 29, 2021

Very good advice. I find that I am the most judgmental of others when I am hard on myself.

nrhatch - March 29, 2021

I vote that you be as KIND to yourself as you are to us.

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