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Christmas Charades December 15, 2020

Posted by nrhatch in Gratitude, Happiness, Humor, People.

Looking for ideas for Christmas gatherings this year (including those via ZOOM)?

Consider a cacophonous game of Christmas Charades!

Pass out age-appropriate assignments to all attendees and let holiday hilarity ensue:

* Santa coming down the Chimney in full regalia (see right)

Uh-oh, he’s stuck!
Can you say Claus-trophobia?

* Santa filling the stockings (with COAL)

It’s a dusty job but someone’s got to do it

* Decorating the Christmas tree . . . with cats for companions

Dashing through the house, while looking for a box 
I am ready to pounce, quick as a frisky fox

* Demonstrate the (pre-pandemic) pandemonium of Black Friday Shopping

* Illustrate the after dinner coma  (Snoring = optional)

Santa’s after-season sabbatical!

Aah . . . that’s better!




1. Ruth - December 15, 2020

Merry Christmas

nrhatch - December 15, 2020

Thanks! Hope you find some merry moments in the mix.

Ruth - December 15, 2020

Going to make some merry moments, somehow.

nrhatch - December 15, 2020

That’s the ticket!

BTW: I just saw your Thanksgiving post with the photo of your parents ~> it made me wonder what this year would have been like if my parents were still in the picture? I’m sure it would have made it harder for me to stay put.

2. roughwighting - December 15, 2020

Fun ideas! 🎅

nrhatch - December 15, 2020

Especially fun w/ kids (of all ages) who like to be silly!
Like me!

roughwighting - December 16, 2020

Being silly is a sign of brilliance, in my mind. xo

nrhatch - December 16, 2020

That’s reassuring, Pam. Others might equate silliness with simple mindedness . . . but WE know they are wrong. 😀

3. Kate Crimmins - December 15, 2020

I’ll pass on that. Maybe I’ll watch White Christmas!

nrhatch - December 15, 2020

Someone just mentioned that White Christmas is their FAVORITE holiday film . . . and I have never seen more than bits & pieces.

Kate Crimmins - December 15, 2020

We watch it every year. Not much of a plot but hey it’s Christmas. I don’t want anything too deep.

4. Debra - December 16, 2020

We are watching holiday movies, baking cookies and listening to Christmas music. I miss my extended family, but we will Zoom at some point, and we just keep repeating, “It’s for ONE year.” We can do this!

nrhatch - December 17, 2020

My mantra is similar, Debra ~> “This too shall pass.” And it will. Until then, we’re gonna ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM-A, ZOOM!

5. Erica/Erika - December 19, 2020

We are definitely doing the Zoom Christmas this year. Some witty and fun ideas in your post, Nancy. Cute photo of Santa at the end. 🙂

nrhatch - December 20, 2020

We went to an outdoor lights display at the local botanical park last night. The temps were in the mid-60’s. Santa was there for the kids wearing . . . board shorts, a Hawaiian shirt, and flip flops!

Erica/Erika - December 21, 2020

Ha, ha, too funny about the Santa 🙂

nrhatch - December 21, 2020

Have a week overflowing with . . . Less Stress, Erica.

No floods, no ATM mix-ups ~> just fun holiday cheer to close out the year!

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