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Wait! . . . What About The Pandemic?! November 13, 2020

Posted by nrhatch in Health & Wellness, Humor, Joke, Mindfulness.

I just received this holiday missive in my in box from Visit Orlando:

Florida Residents – Don’t Skip These Savings!

It’s holiday season in Orlando!

Come share in the holiday spirit in Orlando’s world-famous theme parks and resort hotels as they dazzle with jubilant cheer along with miles of garland and twinkling lights.

Holiday traditions and joyful celebrations transform Orlando — Theme Park Capital of the World ® — into a magical wonderland guaranteed to have your family singing “fa-la-la-la” all the way home.

Celebrate the holiday season with our list of events, parades and lights, including several options at low or no cost, or included with theme park admission.

Because the holidays are a joyous time — and no destination is more joyous than Orlando.

No mention of Covid-19.

No mention of the rising case load and overcrowded hospitals.

No mention of asymptomatic health care workers who’ve tested positive for Covid being kept in the rotation to treat patients.

No mention of masks or social distancing or pandemic precautions.


Are “miles of garland and twinkling lights” enough to entice Covidiots to ignore the experts and put their lives on the line in order to stand in line?

Oh, wait . . .

My mistake.

It’s a “magical wonderland” . . . I guess that means that Cinderella’s fairy godmother waves her magic wand and eradicates the virus from all and sundry entering the theme parks.


Aah . . . that’s better!



1. Erica/Erika - November 13, 2020

Nancy, This “missive” does give me pause. I do wonder about that magic wand. I have tried to use it myself and no luck. Take care and stay healthy. (My “missive” for this year’s holiday season)💕

nrhatch - November 13, 2020

I ran into a Covidiot on our beach walk this morning who was:

1. Bragging about not letting the Pandemic interfere with his life.
2. Claiming that he was willing to “get sick for a couple of days” in order to go out to bars and restaurants.
3. Laughing at people who refused to do the same.
4. Ragging on the media for exaggerating the effects of the virus in order to make everyone “afraid they would get it and die.”
5. Etc.

After a minute or two, I said that we would have to agree to disagree about the seriousness of the pandemic.

When he continued his “tirade” . . . I “paraded” away from him. 😛

2. Kate Crimmins - November 13, 2020

I’ll pass on that.

nrhatch - November 13, 2020

I bet the Covidiot we saw on our beach walk this morning believes he’s “safe” in bars . . . due to all the alcohol on premises. 😛

Kate Crimmins - November 13, 2020

And some magic wand!

nrhatch - November 13, 2020

Too bad we can’t wave OUR magic wands and instill common sense in those whose common sense is sadly lacking. 😯

3. dorannrule - November 13, 2020

Cool name for the Covididiots who plunge head first into the sand!

nrhatch - November 13, 2020

Thanks! Here’s hoping that sanity eventually prevails. 😉

4. Ally Bean - November 13, 2020

This is tone-deaf to the extreme. It makes me wonder if Orlando knows what year it is. 🤔

nrhatch - November 13, 2020

There’s reality . . . and then there’s surreality. This falls into the latter category of the surreal!

5. Rivergirl - November 13, 2020

WTH? I don’t want to share anything with Florida. You can keep all that virus down there.
It really does make me want to scream. Our neighbor’s brother recently caught it…badly. He was hospitalized, on a ventilator and though he survived…he now has short term memory loss. Did I mention he is a healthy 39 year old? Scary stuff people. Wake up!

nrhatch - November 13, 2020

It boggles the mind, RG. When the Covidiot on the beach this morning started spouting Trump’s “Party-On” Lie (“it’s nothing to worry about ~ you get it, you get sick, you get better”), I walked away from him while he was mid-sentence. And I don’t feel bad about it. After all, maybe his stupidity is contagious! 😛

Sorry to hear about your neighbor’s brother. Hope he can regain some of what he’s lost.

Rivergirl - November 13, 2020

The horrible thing is, our neighbors wife caught it as well back in June. She’s a nurse.

nrhatch - November 13, 2020

I really feel for teachers, nurses, bus drivers, doctors, EMTs, and other “front line” workers who catch Covid despite taking appropriate precautions.

I have less sympathy for people who catch it while “partying.”

6. L. Marie - November 13, 2020

Wow. Did you check the copyright date on the email? Perhaps an old one got sent by mistake? (Unlikely I know. 😄)
Really bizarre!

nrhatch - November 13, 2020

Haha! I expect that someone borrowed heavily from last year’s invite . . . without custom tailoring it. 😀

7. anotherday2paradise - November 13, 2020

Wow! This doesn’t sound like a great idea at all. 😳

nrhatch - November 13, 2020

Well put. I believe the theme parks in Orlando have plenty of pandemic precautions in place . . . but you’d never know it from this blurb. 😆

8. Behind the Story - November 14, 2020

Even with a new president, it’s going to be hard to convince Americans to act responsibly after all these months of having Trump set a bad example. Too many of his followers have been taught to believe that they’re being tough guys by not caring about their own safety (or anyone else’s). The new US Representative from Georgia refuses to wear a mask in the House. (She’s a Qanon supporter.)

nrhatch - November 14, 2020

I saw a story about her yesterday. In it she proclaimed, “My body, My choice.” That freedom of choice works for many things but NOT for contagious diseases like Covid. She’s an idiot.

9. mybeautfulthings - November 14, 2020

Madness isn’t it? We have our share of covidiots here too, folk who march through Truro with no masks and no social distancing shouting about their rights (to die or to kill others).
A couple of them became quite irate when I refused to take a leaflet thrust at me! She didn’t like that I told her her behaviour was dangerous!
It must be very hard having T declaring all that we hear about – our clown is pretty bad too.

nrhatch - November 14, 2020

Having Trump at the helm is an embarrassment. I am so ready to see him disappear. Of course, he will leave behind a dangerous and divisive legacy that may take years to quell.

Here’s hoping that the madness dissipates soon! 😛

10. Colette - November 17, 2020

Maybe when Donald or Mickey keel over on the magical streets, it’ll start to put a damper on the festivities.😕

nrhatch - November 17, 2020

The cast members playing Donald and Mickey are so buried in their costumes they may not even need masks!

But still . . . at least remind potential patrons about pandemic precautions before “reeling them in” with tinsel & mistletoe.

11. Susanne - November 17, 2020

WTF? And in a country with near 200 000 new cases every day… not surprising if this is the attitude 😵. Take care and stay safe.

nrhatch - November 17, 2020

Thanks, Susanne. You too!

12. Debra - November 17, 2020

Wow! I am shocked, although I shouldn’t be. I love your term, “Covidiots,” as it certainly seems the only way I can explain it!

nrhatch - November 18, 2020

Someone must have given Visit Orlando a Pandemic Brochure since their latest missive alludes to “enhanced health and safety measures” and highlights “open-air” . . .

Unbeatable deals from Orlando’s open-air theme parks, amazing attractions and incredible experiences are making it more affordable than ever to give the gift of travel this holiday season — not just to your loved ones, but to yourself, too.

Between reduced crowds, cooler temperatures, plenty of open spaces and a wondrous lineup of holiday events, plus enhanced health and safety measures to help protect you, there’s never been a better time to visit.

Better. But not enough to convince me to Visit Orlando. 😛

13. judithhb - November 18, 2020

Yeah right as my grandson would say – Be safe from Covid all who enter here –

nrhatch - November 18, 2020

Hope you’re staying safe down under, Judith.

The US is leading the pack in cases, deaths, and how to handle pandemic in all the WRONG ways! I blame Trump. And all his supporters who politicized the pandemic.

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