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Disentangling From Disinformation October 21, 2020

Posted by nrhatch in Blogging, Less IS More, Life Balance, Mindfulness.

The Social Dilemma disrupts the disrupters by unveiling the hidden machinations happening behind everyone’s favorite social media and search platforms.”

Have you seen it yet?

What did you think?

If not, here’s a trailer designed to draw you in:

Want to dig deeper?  Check out Time 100 Talks ~ Engineering A Better World (October 20, 2020), curated by Meghan & Harry (Duke and Duchess of Sussex).  Meghan was marvelous!

Asking yourself, “What Can I Do?” ~> Swing by the Center for Humane Technology and Take Control!

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. Rivergirl - October 21, 2020

While I do enjoy social media in moderation.. keeping in touch with friends on FB and blogging here…I also realize what a destructive force it can be.

nrhatch - October 21, 2020

The blogs I follow are all “healthy” blogs ~ i.e., they’re not populated by haters or polluted by trolls. They add to my sanity rather than stealing my serenity.

I got off of FB years ago because it seemed like a toxic waste dump for people who wanted a platform without having anything of value to say. That is NOT to say that everyone’s FB page is toxic . . . I’m sure your friends are fine and dandy. 😉

Rivergirl - October 21, 2020

Some of them are ridiculous, which is why god created the ability to scroll on by.

nrhatch - October 21, 2020

We need to update the lyrics to this song:

2. Ally Bean - October 21, 2020

From the beginning I’ve never been 100% convinced that social media would be the next best thing. Too many ways to take advantage of you. Too much control in the hands of a few people in the companies that provide the services. I enjoy what I do online, but I’m not smitten with it.

nrhatch - October 21, 2020

I did have a FB account for a number of years (which I closed about 4 years ago), but never joined Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Tumblr, Snapchat, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc.

I’m not interested in bouncing from app to app in a futile search for “good grub” . . . my own thoughts are amusing enough. 😛

3. Behind the Story - October 22, 2020

Another temptation is podcasts. There are lots of good podcasts out there, but I think it’s good sometimes to be quiet and listen to our own thoughts and look around. Usually I don’t wear headphones on my walks. I do occasionally, though.

Social media can definitely be a destructive force. It’s not going away, though. We need to be careful and use it sensibly. I do use Facebook. For the most part, I find it uplifting and educational. It must be the people I follow.

nrhatch - October 22, 2020

I don’t generally listen to podcasts or live broadcasts ~ later, if there is a script available, I scroll through the script, speed reading to get to the points of interest to me.

I did tune in to Harry & Meghan’s Time 100 Talk and listened to the first 45 minutes before deciding to turn my attention elsewhere. Later I went back and listened to the segments that interested me.

If something is not uplifting, educational, or amusing, it’s a good idea to “change the channel.” Glad you found an uplifting and educational tribe to follow on FB.

4. L. Marie - October 22, 2020

I watched the trailer. I wasn’t aware that this documentary was in the works, so thanks for the head’s up. I guess I’m not surprised at what was said about social media, just in the trailer alone. I’ve seen too many incendiary posts on social media to believe that it is a force for good. Also, I’ve seen too many instances of my likes being monitored on Google. 😤 😠

nrhatch - October 22, 2020

My nieces and nephews told me about The Social Dilemma two weeks ago during our weekly ZOOM chat. We don’t stream Netflix (we get our movies thru the mail) so I haven’t seen it yet. But I find the claims credible based on my first hand observances.

Paying more attention to what we pay attention to makes sense to me.

5. Erica/Erika - October 23, 2020

HI Nancy, “The Social Dilemma” is getting a lot of buzz from many sources. On my list. I am intrigued. I bookmarked the Time 100 Talks. Also getting a great deal of buzz. You are on the cutting edge, Nancy. Thank you.

nrhatch - October 23, 2020

One thing that I’ve enjoyed during the pandemic is getting a front row seat to lectures like Time 100 Talks, Road Scholar, Colonial Williamsburg Craftspeople, etc.

Expanding my knowledge without leaving the house. 😀

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