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What A Feeling! July 21, 2020

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Gratitude, Happiness, Life Balance.

The other day, an unprompted “thought” bubbled up from inside (perhaps from my heart chakra?), accompanied by a sense of grounded well-being.

“WOW! What a great life I’ve had.”

Reflecting back to that unscripted heart-felt moment of gratitude, even days later, makes me smile.

Of course, lots of things make me smile, including this amusing moose!  

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. Kat Challis - July 21, 2020

Glad you are in a happy place. I like the moose, too. Kat

nrhatch - July 21, 2020

Thanks, Kat! Have a day filled with happy!

2. Jill Weatherholt - July 21, 2020

Who can’t smile seeing a purple moose! Enjoy your day, Nancy!

nrhatch - July 21, 2020

We ran into this purple moose at the Museum of Art & Whimsy in the day before COVID. I’ll be sharing some of the other things we saw that day . . . but the purple moose = the best!

3. dorannrule - July 21, 2020

Nothing like a purple moose to start the day! Thanks for sharing.

nrhatch - July 21, 2020

Imagine planting that in your front yard to induce smiles in passers-by? Have a fun-filled day.

4. Ally Bean - July 21, 2020

A purple moose for the win! Great happy thought, too.

nrhatch - July 21, 2020

As I pondered Covid and Colleges (and the challenges of reopening this fall), this unexpected thought popped up like a “balloon of happiness.”

Very cool. Almost as cool as a moose!

5. Kate Crimmins - July 21, 2020

Anything purple makes me smile!

nrhatch - July 21, 2020

I just got a purple toothbrush from my dentist for having a good check up / cleaning!

Kate Crimmins - July 21, 2020

I was today and they didn’t give out any freebies. Not sure if the hygienist was freaked out because she popped one of my veneers (yes I have to go back to get it glued back on) or if their policy on freebies changed. There were lots of changes.

nrhatch - July 21, 2020

Sorry about your veneer. Hope it’s a quick fix on your return visit.

Lots of changes at our dental office too ~ the main dentist has been stuck in Spain with his wife and 4 kids since May. His 4th child was born in Spain in May. Not part of the plan.

They were also short a hygienist, so the other dentist, Dr. Max, cleaned my teeth. I haven’t had a dentist do that in 30+ years. He did a good job.

It’s been hit or miss with free toothbrushes, floss, and toothpaste for some time (pre-Covid) . . . so I guess I got one for having a GOOD check-up. 😀

Good luck on your return visit.

6. Val Boyko - July 21, 2020

What a great reflection Nancy❣️ may we all be as cool as purple moose!

nrhatch - July 21, 2020

Your last post (Finding Richness In Our Lives) reminded me about this incredible feeling of “gladness” that had surfaced a few days earlier. So, thanks! Stay cool as a moose!


7. Joanne Sisco - July 22, 2020

It must be something in the air lately, because I recently had a similar thought … and I don’t feel the least bit guilty having this warm full feeling of well-being while the world is fighting a plague. Sometimes we just have to embrace the happy feeling and then push it back out into the world to whoever wants to accept it.

Of course a smiling purple moose also helps 🙂

nrhatch - July 22, 2020

Cool! I’m psyched you noticed a similar sensation. Maybe it is something in the air . . . trying to bolster us up in the midst of tough times.

And I agree with you ~> individual happiness always ADDS to the world’s net happiness . . . and that’s a good thing.

Joanne Sisco - July 22, 2020

Yes – I am all for spreading around a little happiness!! 🙂

8. joyroses13 - July 22, 2020

Keeo that feeling and may it be contagious to others, for yes, there is a lot of reasons to be Happy! That purple moose did make me smile! 😊

nrhatch - July 22, 2020

It actually happened as a fleeting moment . . . a bubbling up of happiness from within . . . but it left a lingering feeling of contentment, peace, satisfaction, happiness, gratitude behind.

Gratitude = an attitude worth catching!

So glad you enjoyed the moose. If you want to borrow her as a catalyst for one of your stories, feel free. Maybe your elves could confuse her for a reindeer? 😀

joyroses13 - July 22, 2020

Ahh! Love that idea! Thanks! I was thinking of doing an elf story this weekend!
Have a grrreat bubbly happiness day!🙂

nrhatch - July 23, 2020

Mi moose es su moose!

9. Behind the Story - July 22, 2020

When we feel those heartfelt moments of gratitude, it’s good to pay attention and hold close to the moment. Otherwise, it could float by too quickly and be lost.

Purple is a tricky color. It can be dark and almost morose. But this purple is definitely happy. It’s blueberries and a few strawberries mixed with vanilla ice cream.

nrhatch - July 23, 2020

Having such a delightful spontaneous feeling of whole-hearted gratitude pop up in the midst of other musings was unexpected but very welcome. It definitely got my attention.

I agree. This moose = a happy purple!

10. L. Marie - July 23, 2020

Yay, Nancy! I love that!
I want that moose!

nrhatch - July 23, 2020

It’s pretty cool, eh?

I need to share some of the other photos I took at the Museum of Art & Whimsy. It’s an amusing place!

11. Erica/Erika - July 23, 2020

I get it, Nancy, on how a thought can bubble up from inside. When I realize how lucky I am in my core being. And, yes, I cannot help but smile when I see this amusing moose.🙂

nrhatch - July 24, 2020

This bubbly bit of effervescence reminded me of a quote:

What a wonderful life I’ve had! I only wish I’d realized it sooner. ~ Colette

Sometimes we’re so caught up in the daily struggles that we remain oblivious to all the best bits ~ like the miracle of breathing, walking, talking, seeing, smelling, tasting, and . . . feeling.

Life is good, except for the bad bits (which, in hindsight, often become good bits, too).

Erica/Erika - July 24, 2020

Nancy, You remind me when the bad bits show up is when I need the “wonderful life” reminder the most💕

nrhatch - July 24, 2020

Here’s to noticing all the good bits . . . even when they seem to be overshadowed by “bad” bits.

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