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Sleep, Rinse, Repeat . . . March 22, 2020

Posted by nrhatch in Gratitude, Happiness, Health & Wellness.

Getting plenty of deep, restful sleep is essential for our physical and mental health. Now comes word of yet another way that sleep is good for us: it triggers rhythmic waves of blood and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that appear to function much like a washing machine’s rinse cycle, which may help to clear the brain of toxic waste on a regular basis.

Aah . . . that’s better!

To read more:  Discovering the Brain’s Nightly “Rinse Cycle”


1. anotherday2paradise - March 22, 2020

I so agree with you, Nancy. Good sleeping habits are essential and a mug of Valerian and lavender infused tea doesn’t go amiss either. 😴

nrhatch - March 22, 2020

Good thinking, Sylvia ~> we do our best thinking after a good night’s sleep!

2. Kate Crimmins - March 22, 2020

I need the extra rinse cycle!

nrhatch - March 22, 2020

Maybe that’s what naps are for . . . getting rid of excess toxicity.

3. diannegray - March 22, 2020

I love my sleep Nancy so it was great to see this. I hope you and your family are safe at this time. Lot of love from Australia! xxxx

nrhatch - March 23, 2020

Hi Dianne! I saw you on Debra’s post and wondered if you would be wandering around the cybersphere (and posting) a bit more. I hope so. It’s been awhile.

We are doing fine in these challenging times. Stay well!

4. Jill Weatherholt - March 23, 2020

I try to practice good sleeping habits, but I think I need my own bed. 😦

nrhatch - March 23, 2020

You might want to experiment to see if you sleep better without another body moving around in the bed. My parents swapped their shared bed for two side by side twin beds at some point.

But if Derek snores, you might need to sleep in the other room! 😛

Jill Weatherholt - March 23, 2020

A few years ago, I banned Derek and he slept in one of the guestrooms for a while. Over time he came back saying he didn’t like feeling single…lol! He doesn’t really snore, just flops around like a fish!

nrhatch - March 23, 2020

For the most part, BFF is well-behaved when he’s sleeping . . . but once in a while he has a NOISY nightmare that disturbs my slumber. It would be great to sleep as soundly as I did a few decades ago. :zzzz:

5. Rivergirl - March 23, 2020

My brain definitely needs the rinse cycle these days!

nrhatch - March 23, 2020

Good luck getting the sleep you need. It can be challenging when we feel stressed . . . but that’s when we need sleep the most.

Rivergirl - March 23, 2020

I’m a lifelong insomniac. Used to sleep walk as a child… I never sleep well, stressed or not.

nrhatch - March 23, 2020

Insomnia is tough. If I’m not sleeping well, life seems harder.

I did read a book by Harvard about sleep that pointed out that even when we think we’re staring at the clock all night, we’re likely sleeping in microbursts (so the brain doesn’t implode).

Now, when I can’t sleep, I just relax . . . often, by not trying to “fall asleep,” I just drift off.

Good luck!

6. Ally Bean - March 23, 2020

Huh. That’s fascinating. I’m a good sleeper so I’m guessing my brain rinse cycle is doing ok.

nrhatch - March 23, 2020

And since you’re doing A-OK in the thinking department, I expect you’re right!

7. L. Marie - March 23, 2020

Oh so true! In stressful times we need good sleep more than ever!

nrhatch - March 23, 2020

I took a nap two days ago (a rarity for me) . . . but it felt so GOOD!

8. JOriginal Muse - March 23, 2020

SO true…! You might recall that I was the Poster Child for the extreme effects of Sleep Deprivation. I wrote about in the HuffPost years ago.

Well….last October 16th, I totaled another car, after several months of taking care of my mom (87 with Lewy Body Dementia) since my dad passed last June. I was getting back to her to spend the night (as I had done for the two months, five nights a week, at her Memory Care Center where she needed more night supervision than they could give). She’d wake up every night, often up to 11 times a night, in spite of routine sleeping pills, and she’d often stay awake.

My siblings and I finally found her a residential facility with only six residents and night care staff who could get up 24/7. And except for CoVid19, the world is a better place for me, now that my sleep is uninterrupted, at least five hours straight..! Thanks for the post and reminder… You and BFF be well, and SWEET DREAMS…!

nrhatch - March 23, 2020

Sweet Dreams to you too, Jo . . . you deserve it! So glad that your mom is in a better facility for her. And you.

Now if we can just kick CoVid 19 to the curb!

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