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So Says The Duke . . . Or Not November 15, 2019

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Nature, People, Word Play.

At the Farmer’s Market at Phillippi Estates, we parked next to a car that made us laugh out loud.

Well, not the car exactly, but a quote appliquéd to the window.

Now, I’ll be honest, it didn’t sound like something the Duke would have said, so I checked it out on Snopes.com . . . because Snopes knows!

And, nope, not the Duke:

Well, whoever said it first, it’s got a ring of truth to it.

Aah . . . that’s more like it!


1. roughwighting - November 15, 2019

I laughed. ‘Cause it’s so true. And I hate to say it, but there’s a lot of “stupid” out there. Sigh.
Here’s to smiling, and making it through the hard with a smile.

nrhatch - November 15, 2019

Here’s to navigating around the tough, the hard, and the stupid!

2. Rivergirl - November 15, 2019

It doesn’t surprise me the quote isn’t authentic. That seems to run rampant these days…
Doesn’t make it any less true though!

nrhatch - November 15, 2019

I expect it used to be much easier to “coin a phrase” and have it correctly attributed thereafter.

Now, sayings can travel around the world in a single bound . . . with no jet lag! No accreditation required.

Rivergirl - November 15, 2019

FB is rife with misquotes and no one cares enough to check. The world we live in…

nrhatch - November 15, 2019

And the world keeps turning, turning, turning . . . faster and faster . . . with no PAUSE button in sight!

STOP THE WORLD . . . I’m getting DIZZY! 😯

3. Jill Weatherholt - November 15, 2019

No matter who said it first…it’s so true!

nrhatch - November 15, 2019

You got that right, missy!

4. Kate Crimmins - November 15, 2019

Sometimes the stupid are unaware which can be bliss. This week while working on Medicare plans (which are so dang complicated) I asked my husband what the stupid people do.

nrhatch - November 15, 2019

They phone a friend or tie up the phones at call centers so that those of us with a quick question or two have to hang around in a queue for hours on end . . . while they remain blissfully unaware of the tie-ups and log jams they are causing. 🙄

Kate Crimmins - November 15, 2019

That makes sense.

5. Ally Bean - November 15, 2019

I never thought the Duke was very bright so I’m not surprised it’s not an authentic quote. That being said, what kind of stupid person would put an inaccurate quote on their car? That may be the real issue here.

nrhatch - November 15, 2019

Good point, Ally Bean!

6. L. Marie - November 15, 2019

So funny how sayings are attributed to people who never said them. 😁

nrhatch - November 16, 2019

I wonder how many misattributed quotes I’ve shared on SLTW? I know of at least one:

“Do What You Can With What You Have Where You Are”

I’ve always attributed it to Teddy Roosevelt. But he was quoting someone else when he included it in one of his books!

7. joyroses13 - November 15, 2019

Haha! 🙂 Pretty good!

nrhatch - November 16, 2019

You iz smart!

joyroses13 - November 16, 2019

I iz indeed! LOL!

8. Debra - November 19, 2019

Whoever did say it hit the nail on the head! There’s a lot of stupid going around these days. I’ll try not to catch it! 🙂

nrhatch - November 19, 2019

Yup. It’s truer than true. 😯

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