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Raised Bed Gardens November 9, 2019

Posted by nrhatch in Home & Garden, Nature, Sustainable Living.

As we age, bending over to plant flowers or pull weeds becomes more challenging.

Instead of bending down to the garden, put the garden on stilts.

These raised bed gardens from the Bishop Museum demonstrate a wide variety of plantings benefitting from elevated germination.

I just wish they were in my backyard!

You can see more container gardens in the background of this shot.

And for the cacti lover in you, here’s a little zen garden for you.

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. Rivergirl - November 9, 2019

Wouldn’t those be nice to have at home. Yes, please.

nrhatch - November 9, 2019

We did a service project for AmeriCorps by building raised bed (waist high) gardens for a rehab hospital in Salisbury MD. The residents/patients were THRILLED!

2. Jill Weatherholt - November 9, 2019

I love the cacti bed, Nancy.

nrhatch - November 9, 2019

Succulents have a zen countenance to me ~> less is more.

3. jo(e) - November 9, 2019

Oh, those are great! Do you know the show Gilmore Girls? There’s an episode in which Emily Gilmore is on her back patio, and she’s working in an elevated garden WHILE SITTING DOWN comfortably on the stone wall of the garden. Whenever I see that, I think, “Well, that’s gardening made easy.” Her pants don’t even get muddy.

nrhatch - November 9, 2019

It’s the next best thing to having a gardener! 😀

4. Tippy Gnu - November 9, 2019

I guess agriculture needs not be backbreaking. This would also be a good way to keep one’s dogs from peeing on one’s zucchinis. But I prefer the produce raised at the supermarket. It’s easy to pick, as those gardens are elevated to waist height, and no weeding is required.

nrhatch - November 9, 2019

If we had a bit more land here, I’d plant a mini garden ~ tomatoes, peppers, squash, lettuces.

But I shall have to be content with what other gardeners grow.

5. Kate Crimmins - November 9, 2019

I’m almost there! It’s just that when you elevated tomato plants the top is hard to reach!

nrhatch - November 9, 2019

Once tomatoes are planted, having them in a raised bed isn’t all that necessary . . . but you might try them in a garden box that waters them from underneath and only raises them a few inches.

Either way, home grown (and hand picked at the peak of ripeness) tomatoes are always “better” than store bought.

6. Alien Resort - November 9, 2019

Just don’t break your back building one.

nrhatch - November 9, 2019

Good point, AR!

7. Sheryl - November 9, 2019

The raised beds lovely and look very practical.

nrhatch - November 9, 2019

Two days after writing this post, I hurt my back doing “nothing” ~ raised beds can save our aching backs!

8. Debra - November 9, 2019

We have plenty of garden space that isn’t raised, but this past summer we did add two raised boxes for convenience and just because they’re so pretty. I have a friend who purchased galvanized steel large animal toughs and created an incredible garden system. Some gardeners are so creative. 🙂

nrhatch - November 9, 2019

I bet Darwin would enjoy some more edibles in “his” garden. 😀

9. Ally Bean - November 10, 2019

Those raised beds are visually perfect while seem to be the solution to gardening without back pain. Of course around here those raised beds would also be like a feeding trough for the deer. We’d have to put up a sign designating our backyard as a Deer Cafe.

nrhatch - November 10, 2019

Maybe if you plant enough cacti, you’ll discourage the dear deer.

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