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Access Your Inner Wisdom August 15, 2019

Posted by nrhatch in Life Balance, Magick & Mystery, Mindfulness.

Asking questions of others allows you to better understand their unique perspective on the world.

Asking questions of your self enables you to perceive, more clearly, your unique pathway through life.

To connect with your inner wisdom, ask questions and listen for the answers which may come through via insight, intuition, impulse, or inspiration, rather than words.

Need some ideas?

Here are a few questions to get you started on your inner journey:

* What do I want out of life? * How do I access joy? * Who do I want to be?

* What qualities shall I express to the world? * How can I feel more peaceful?

* How do I stop worrying? * How do I learn to “go with the flow”?

* What makes me smile?  * What fills me with gratitude? 

* Which experiences are treasures to savor? * What’s for dinner?

You may be surprised at how fast answers begin to appear once you voice the questions.

Aah . . . that’s better!

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1. Jill Weatherholt - August 15, 2019

Some interesting questions to ponder, Nancy. “What’s for dinner” is always a question floating around our house.

nrhatch - August 15, 2019

Mickey made me add that one ~> he’d like C~H~E~E~S~E! 😀

Jill Weatherholt - August 15, 2019

Oh yes, a plate of cheese for dinner is fine by me! 🙂

nrhatch - August 15, 2019

I thought you might say that. 😉

2. Tippy Gnu - August 15, 2019

Those are interesting questions, that tend to inspire interesting answers. And the answers have a way of changing over time. So the questions are always worth repeating.

nrhatch - August 15, 2019

Absolutely. I used to want to be a rock star . . . and now I want to be Anonymous.

3. Ally Bean - August 15, 2019

I followed the link and found the part about The Paradox of No Self. That is a fascinating concept that seems true to me. I also like the questions. They could make for some true insight if a person were so inclined to answer them honestly. Most interesting.

nrhatch - August 15, 2019

The Paradox of No Self reminds me of this poem:

The ego is a monkey catapulting through the jungle:

Totally fascinated by the realm of the senses,
it swings from one desire to the next,
one conflict to the next,
one self-centered idea to the next.
If you threaten it, it actually fears for its life.

Let this monkey go.
Let the senses go.
Let desires go.
Let conflicts go.
Let ideas go.
Let the fiction of life and death go.
Just remain in the center, watching.

And then forget that you are there.

~ Lao Tzu (c.604 – 531 B.C.)

Ally Bean - August 15, 2019

That’s profound, isn’t it?

nrhatch - August 15, 2019

Stepping into the role of “detached observer” is very relaxing and enlightening. You can watch the drama unfolding as if watching a movie . . . without getting entangled in the action.

4. Kate Crimmins - August 15, 2019

Is it happy hour yet is a frequent question here. 🙂

nrhatch - August 15, 2019

“It’s 5 o-clock somewhere!”

5. Alien Resort - August 15, 2019

Where did I leave my keys is a good one.

nrhatch - August 15, 2019

My keys are always right where I left them. 😛

6. Debra - August 16, 2019

I like the idea of connecting to my inner wisdom. There may be some days I forget where I put it, but I KNOW it’s there! 🙂

nrhatch - August 16, 2019

Haha! There are times that I forget to “check in” . . . but when I do remember, I always get good advice.

7. Joanne Sisco - August 16, 2019

I’ve been interested in this concept for a while. It’s actually quite remarkable how the answers will bubble up out of nowhere but the hard part is quieting the mind … and getting the question right.

nrhatch - August 16, 2019

Sometimes answers bubble up before we even think to voice the questions . . . but more often than not we need to quiet the mind, and breathe in order to access our inner wisdom (and peace).

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