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Ticks . . . ICK! July 25, 2019

Posted by nrhatch in Animals, Nature.

As if we needed yet another reason to hate those blood-sucking critters:

Maine Confirmed Its First Case of a Rare Tick-Borne Virus in Years. Here’s What to Know About Powassan

The article’s advice ~> Steer clear of deer ticks.

Aah . . . that’s basic!


1. Ally Bean - July 25, 2019

Ticks are a problem around here, too. From what I can tell it doesn’t matter how much you try to cover yourself in bug-off spray, the little buggers will land on you. And as for wearing long sleeves and pants, in this humidity? It’s a no win situation.

nrhatch - July 25, 2019

We could spend all our time indoors, cleaning and disinfecting our humble abodes from bottom to top and back again. Or we could take our chances with the myriad of ills and pitfalls that wait just outside our door.

Why, just last week, a gentleman one island to the south of us stepped out his front door and got bitten by a venomous snake. And last month, a woman on “our” island died after cutting her leg on a beach walk due to the presence of flesh eating bacteria.

It’s a mine-field out there.

2. colonialist - July 25, 2019

It needs some really good de-tick-tives to crack the case?

nrhatch - July 25, 2019

That’s the tick-et, Col! 😛

L. Marie - July 27, 2019


3. Rivergirl - July 25, 2019

Yikes! Hate those little bastards…

nrhatch - July 25, 2019

And this new case is in your neck of the woods. Steer Clear of those Deer!

Rivergirl - July 25, 2019

I watch from the window…

nrhatch - July 25, 2019

That’s a safe vantage point.

4. Tippy Gnu - July 25, 2019

I gonna have to stop eating Tic Tacs now, and just let everyone deal with my bad breath.

nrhatch - July 25, 2019

Just swap them out, TG ~ a Tic for a Tac!

Tippy Gnu - July 25, 2019

Good thinking, Dr. Hatch.

nrhatch - July 25, 2019

Doc Martin was dealing with odiferous situations tonight ~ it made me glad that I am NOT a doctor.

5. Jill Weatherholt - July 25, 2019

I have a friend who got Lyme disease over 15 years ago and she still suffers with symptoms. You can’t mess around with these guys. Thanks for sharing the article, Nancy. I’m forwarding it along to my friend.

nrhatch - July 25, 2019

Happy (belated) Birthday! Hope you are having a fun week.

Your friend and my sister both, Jill. Nasty little beasts!

Jill Weatherholt - July 25, 2019

Thank you! Who told you it was my birthday? 🙂 I’m sorry to hear your sister has suffered with Lyme disease, too. They are very nasty!

nrhatch - July 25, 2019

A little bird told me . . . a hummer, in fact!

My sister’s issues have been tenacious since 2006.

6. anotherday2paradise - July 26, 2019

Eeek!! Sounds awful. 😳

nrhatch - July 26, 2019

Ticks and mosquitoes suck!

anotherday2paradise - July 26, 2019

Teehee. 🤣

7. Kate Crimmins - July 26, 2019

We have them here. Without an indoor/outdoor cat, I don’t have to worry as much but I’m still very careful. The worst ticks are so tiny they are hard to find.

nrhatch - July 26, 2019

That’s why the article seemed so “silly” ~> giving us something else to “worry” about without offering up any realistic way to avoid this new unseen danger.

Everybody already avoids ticks . . . to the extent possible. Why? Because ticks SUCK!

8. Behind the Story - July 26, 2019

Amy Tan wrote about her case of lyme disease in The Opposite of Fate. It sounds terrible. Powassan sound even worse. I’ve can’t remember seeing a tick here in the Pacific Northwest. Maybe when I was a child. But in the Philippines, but I frequently pulled big ones off the back of my beagle.

nrhatch - July 26, 2019

I hope that there are NO ticks where you are, Nicki. Our first Great Dane had hitchhiking ticks on a regular basis. The other two almost never did. I wonder if some dogs attract them more than others?

9. L. Marie - July 27, 2019

Oh my word! Well, next time I go to Highlights in PA, I’ll need to be vigilant, since ticks inhabit the woods there.

nrhatch - July 27, 2019

Yes! Keep an eye out for them . . . especially after a walk in the woods or through tall grass.

10. roughwighting - July 29, 2019

I’m surprised there’s no tick vaccine yet. I have several friends who have suffered mightily from Lymes Disease. My guy has been infected twice by ticks – both times he saw the round rash on his chest and ran to the doctor. The antibiotic worked, but only because he didn’t wait.

nrhatch - July 29, 2019

Research into Lyme disease has a long way to go. Glad your guy got rapid treatment ~ it makes such a difference!

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