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Share A Shelfie! May 8, 2019

Posted by nrhatch in Blogging, Food & Drink, Humor, Joke.

As a follow up to my last post, I thought I would start a new social media trend ~> SHELFIES!

Instead of taking photos of food and/or adult beverages at restaurants, or Selfies of yourself, share a “Shelfie” of your fridge contents on your Blog or Facebook page.

It’s easy!

No staging necessary!

Best of all, you don’t need a $3,000 Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge to participate. ย Just open your Frigidaire, Kenmore, Amana, GE, Hotpoint, or Whirlpool Fridge and snap a quick shot of its contents.

And while you’re there, grab yourself a snack!

Aah . . . that’s better!

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1. joyroses13 - May 8, 2019

LOL! What an organized fridge you have. I will take some watermelon please. ๐Ÿ™‚

nrhatch - May 8, 2019

Coming right up!

joyroses13 - May 8, 2019


nrhatch - May 8, 2019

Shelfies + Snackies = Perfect Together!

2. Jill Weatherholt - May 8, 2019

[As] someone who loathes the selfie craze, I think I like the shelfie. Just don’t make me show our pantry shelf! Forget the watermelon, I’ll have a Dos Equis! ๐Ÿ™‚

Jill Weatherholt - May 8, 2019

As someone! Oh man, maybe I better pass on the Dos Equis…it’s been a rough day.

joyroses13 - May 8, 2019

I think you need the Dos Equis.:) Sorry about the rough day!

Jill Weatherholt - May 8, 2019

Thanks, Joy!

nrhatch - May 8, 2019

All fixed! And I concur with JR13 ~> one Dos Equis coming right up . . . with a side of pretzels!

Jill Weatherholt - May 8, 2019

Yum! I love pretzels! ๐Ÿ™‚ You’re such a great virtual hostess, Nancy.

nrhatch - May 8, 2019

Thanks! And I have the BEST Guests!

nrhatch - May 8, 2019

And . . . ooh! Pantry Shelfies! The next trending thing!

Jill Weatherholt - May 8, 2019

As long as it’s not pantie selfies! *shudder*

joyroses13 - May 8, 2019

Hahaha! ๐Ÿ™‚

anotherday2paradise - May 8, 2019


nrhatch - May 9, 2019

Pantie Selfies + Twerking = NIMBY!

3. Kate Crimmins - May 8, 2019

My fridge is currently undergoing a face lift! I’d love some watermelon please. I bought some this weekend. A third piece cost as much as a whole one but I knew it was ripe. These days I can’t finish a whole one and my husband doesn’t eat it.

joyroses13 - May 8, 2019

Kate we need to eat watermelon together. My husband doesn’t eat it either, he prefers cantaloupe. Something is wrong with that man! LOL!

nrhatch - May 8, 2019

Summer wouldn’t be summer without some watermelon!

joyroses13 - May 8, 2019

Very true!

nrhatch - May 8, 2019

My Great Aunt used to claim
“Watermelon” is my middle name!

joyroses13 - May 8, 2019

Its so sweet and juicy! You are making me crave one now!

nrhatch - May 8, 2019

You are singing to the choir, JR13 ~> the only reason it’s not carved yet is because BFF also bought a pint of blackberries and a quart of strawberries which needed eating first.

Tomorrow, tomorrow . . .
We’ll have some tomorrow . . .
It’s only a day away!

joyroses13 - May 8, 2019

Haha!! ๐Ÿ™‚
To use up the blackberries you can make blackberry cobbler. Very good!

nrhatch - May 9, 2019

We enjoyed blackberries & strawberries a la mode for dessert last night. YUM!

joyroses13 - May 9, 2019

Sounds like a great treat!

4. Tippy Gnu - May 8, 2019

I’d never post a shelfie for public view. The health department would come to our house and shut us down.

nrhatch - May 8, 2019

Good to know next time you extend a dinner invite to me! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

BTW: If you’re looking for my magical chocolate trough ~> 2nd shot behind the PUR pitcher. It must be about ready to refill itself since it looks only about 1/2 full. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tippy Gnu - May 8, 2019

I’ll send my unicorn to refill it for you.

nrhatch - May 9, 2019

Thanks, TG! I’ll send your unicorn home with a doggie bag for you and the missus!

5. Val Boyko - May 8, 2019

Wow. Thanks for sharing your deepest fridge secrets. do you have shares in Tupperware?

nrhatch - May 8, 2019

Yup. Tupperware. Rubbermaid. Ziploc. Glad. We’re an equal opportunity employer of storage containers!

With a mix & match here
And a mish mash there
Here a lid, there a bottom
What a way to save a dollar

Val Boyko - May 9, 2019

LOL ๐Ÿ˜†

6. rivergirl1211 - May 9, 2019

No one wants a shelfie of my fridge …. trust me on this. More likely than not thereโ€™s something blue in the back that started out life a totally different color.

nrhatch - May 9, 2019

Once you’ve finished your closet purge, you might want to do some excavating in the fridge! ๐Ÿ˜›

7. Ally Bean - May 9, 2019

I like your shelfie. About a million years ago taking a photo of the inside of your frig was a blogging thing that everyone did. Funny to see the idea return again– with a much better name for it.

nrhatch - May 9, 2019

That’s me! Late to the party. I don’t remember seeing any fridge shots on the blogs I’ve followed. And, after a quick google, I saw that the name “shelfie” has been done before too ~> with books!

8. Joanne Sisco - May 9, 2019

My fridge is not neat and tidy like yours. It would not be a happy scene … although the beer and wine fridge probably looks pretty good.
hmmm – maybe I should check …

nrhatch - May 9, 2019

Some days our fridge looks positively barren . . . nothing but salad fixings, condiments, and a loaf of bread. With space to fill, I raid the pantry and freezer and do some cooking. Or go grocery shopping. Or both.

At the moment, our fridge is well utilized. Mangia! ๐Ÿ˜€

9. L. Marie - May 9, 2019

Nicely organized, Nancy!
As I mentioned in another of your posts, I have a Brita water pitcher and a jar of jelly. I believe there is butter in the back of the fridge. Now that my two deadlines were met and I’m feeling alive after the virulence of my sinus/ear infections I can grocery shop.

nrhatch - May 9, 2019

Glad you’re on the mend . . . with deadlines met! Hope you find some good mood food to fill the fridge!

10. Debra - May 9, 2019

I love looking at other people’s refrigerators, and when mine is well organized, I’m proud of it, too. I’ll have to think about sharing. No promises. LOL!

nrhatch - May 10, 2019

My fridge is even “happier” looking today ~ it’s got leftover pizza in it! YUM!

And no worries about sharing. I don’t expect Shelfies to start trending based on my well-stocked fridge. ๐Ÿ˜†

11. Mabel Kwong - May 10, 2019

Love your take on Shelfie! You are so right, this is such an easy challenge. Your fridge looks very neat and very well stocked. All prepared for a meal anytime of the day ๐Ÿ˜€

nrhatch - May 10, 2019

Our fridge alternates between “well-stocked” and “rather barren.” At the moment, it’s “happy” with 1/2 a leftover pizza in its gullet!

Mabel Kwong - May 11, 2019

Hope you finished that leftover pizza. Pizza is pizza ๐Ÿ˜€

nrhatch - May 11, 2019

No worries . . . we love pizza! It shall be eaten.

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