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The Inner Path to Peace January 21, 2019

Posted by nrhatch in Gratitude, Happiness, Mindfulness.

As we travel the spiritual path, we learn to listen to the still, silent guidance of Spirit (the true self), while tuning out the angry, confused voice of Ego (the false self).

We begin to see and accept ourselves as we really are, beneath the layers of social conditioning and familial expectations.

We realize we don’t need anyone’s approval, permission, understanding, or blessing to accept ourselves as we are in this moment.

We stop judging ourselves and others . . . and begin to accept life as it is.

We realize that critical analysis, intellectual egoism, and negativity suffuse our inner light and hold us back.

Instead of endless debate about the minutiae of life, we learn to let go of the Ego’s need for constant analysis,  evaluation, and approval.

We open our eyes and see the biased, subjective, and misleading nature of Ego’s judgments and interpretations which result from looking at life events through the dirty lens of past experience.

Once we see that the meaning we assign to events varies from moment to moment, as a reflection of our unique experiences in life, we stop wrestling with intellectual quandaries from the past, and immerse ourselves in living life in the present.

We realize that we need not change the world . . . just our perspective, our frame of reference.

We look within for guidance, rather than using others as our moral compass.  Using Spirit as an internal reference point, we begin to see things as they are.

We begin to see our unity with others, and learn how to transform the world from within.  We send out Good Vibrations, using smiles and laughter instead of words.

We no longer insist that others accept our view of the world, or demand that they follow our lead.

Happily engaged in the present moment, we focus on our interests, and allow others to stay or drift away, guided by their own preferences.

We develop our generosity of spirit, and act to alleviate the unnecessary suffering of others by helping them see how they add to their own suffering by hanging on to slights, real and imagined.

Donald-DirectorWe take offense less often, realizing that the opinions of others are biased and limited in perspective.

Rather than absorbing the impedimenta of daily life  into our being, we easily maneuver around the pebbles in our path.

We stop living for the moment, and start living in the moment, where happiness resides.

Whether we are chopping wood or carrying water, we embrace the moment at hand. We absorb into our being that which resonates, leaving the rest behind.

We enter the flow of life and find inner peace at last.

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. Tippy Gnu - January 21, 2019


nrhatch - January 21, 2019

That’s the ticket!

2. rivergirl1211 - January 21, 2019

Living IN the moment….. exactly what the husband and I have been trying to do for the past few years. Life is so much sweeter!

nrhatch - January 21, 2019


rivergirl1211 - January 21, 2019

Which I will report on if detail laden posts get enough votes….

nrhatch - January 21, 2019

You’re the boss ~> Stuff the ballot box!

3. Joanne Dagonese - January 21, 2019

SO, SO TRUE… I especially love the part “We stop living for the moment, and start living in the moment, where happiness resides.”

I’ve been living IN countless moments since I last posted on your blog, Nancy, but I do still follow along and enjoy every post you post, jokes, and all… Thanks for always showing up, always staying IN the moment, and always being REAL. 😀

nrhatch - January 21, 2019

Thanks, Joanne! At the moment, I am resisting being IN the moment . . . where my cold resides. Instead I am living FOR the moment when my cold (and its accompanying hacking cough) has departed the premises.

Ah, well. I’m on the right path even if it’s one step forward, two steps back. 😛

4. Jill Weatherholt - January 21, 2019

Your post brought a quote to mind that’s become my mantra, Nancy.
“Drink wine. This is life eternal. This is all that youth will give you. It is the season for wine, roses and drunken friends. Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”
― Omar Khayyam,

nrhatch - January 21, 2019

Love it! Thanks for sharing.

5. anotherday2paradise - January 21, 2019

Once again, great advice, Nancy. I’m going to practise this. Happy moments are the best moments. 😃😘

nrhatch - January 21, 2019

Happy is my favorite way to be.

6. Debra - January 22, 2019

I really enjoyed reading this post, Nancy, and value what you share here. I was struck by the line about absorbing the impedimenta of daily life really jumped out at me and I read your 2010 post by that name. One thing that comes to mind more frequently these days is that I must admit there is more time behind me than in front of me, and I don’t want to waste a minute with the pettiness of “impedimental of daily life.” i may need to read this post again from time to time! It’s right on target!

nrhatch - January 22, 2019

Thanks, Debra. This post is a re-post (with minor changes) from the early days of SLTW. I bumped into it yesterday and decided to share it again for “new” readers.

And you’re right . . . we don’t have a minute to waste on minutia.

Every time we take a shower or bath, we should envision washing off yesterday’s “junk” (fear, regret, anger, pettiness, etc.) so that we can start today with a clean slate!

7. Rainee - January 22, 2019

Excellent post Nancy with lots of wisdom. Thanks 🙂

nrhatch - January 22, 2019

Thanks, Rainee. This ties in nicely with your last post. We are not always who we think we are, are we? 😉

8. Ally Bean - January 22, 2019

Very wise you are. Now how do I force everyone around me to be in the moment LIKE THEY SHOULD BE? 😉

nrhatch - January 22, 2019

Haha! When they see your calm, clear countenance, you’ll become a walking billboard for present moment awareness!

namaste . . .

9. L. Marie - January 22, 2019

“We develop our generosity of spirit, and act to alleviate the unnecessary suffering of others by helping them see how they add to their own suffering by hanging on to slights, real and imagined.” So true, Nancy. I’ve been slow to learn this myself though.

nrhatch - January 22, 2019

And even when we learn it . . . others around us stand ever ready to “fan the flames of discontent.” 😉

10. Val Boyko - January 22, 2019

It’s so good to reflect and share the wisdom from experience and inspired sages. Thank you for this abundant post Nancy. It brought me home today 💕

nrhatch - January 23, 2019

Glad it resonated with you, Val. Here’s to sharing the wisdom of inspired sages, especially when reinforced by trial and error.

11. Behind the Story - January 23, 2019

Thank you for this post, Nancy. I enjoyed reading it. It made me think (in other words) about finding one’s own truth and loving and appreciating the world around you and the preciousness of every moment of your life, and then stepping outside yourself to love others.

nrhatch - January 23, 2019

Thanks, Nicki! As our perspective shifts, we see so many useful navigational aides. It’s worth pointing them out to others. 😀

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