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Smile! November 19, 2018

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Books & Movies, Happiness, Humor.

Sometimes silly smile-inducing sights . . .

Rattle my bones . . .

And tickle me pink . . .

You never know what’s around the next fork in the road . . .

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. Jill Weatherholt - November 19, 2018

Happy Monday, Nancy! 🙂

nrhatch - November 19, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving week! Hope it’s overflowing with smiles of gratitude and joy.

2. rivergirl1211 - November 19, 2018

I’m no expert… but I believe that family has been at sea a bit too long.

nrhatch - November 19, 2018

You may not be an expert . . . but you are astute! 😀

3. Tippy Gnu - November 19, 2018

I promise I will smile at least once, today.

nrhatch - November 19, 2018

That’s a move in the right direction, TG!

4. Kate Crimmins - November 19, 2018

You are a real page turner!

nrhatch - November 19, 2018

Thanks, Kate! Here’s hoping the next chapter is filled with exciting gifts and fabulous smiles!

5. Barb - November 19, 2018

I love the idea of turning the page. Sometimes I find a book in a stack that I may have started a year or more ago, and there will be a bookmark in it, and I feel a bit bad for all those characters sitting, smoking cigarettes, flipping coins, waiting for me to come back…and meanwhile…I’m stuck somewhere else.
Here’s to picking up where we left off. Happy Thanksgiving

nrhatch - November 19, 2018

I hope it’s a win-win for you and ~> “all those characters sitting, smoking cigarettes, flipping coins, waiting for me to come back…”

Happy Thanksgiving! Smiles all around!

6. L. Marie - November 19, 2018

I love flamingos!!! And how nice to see a happy sun. 😃

nrhatch - November 19, 2018

Me too! Such an elegant touch of whimsy in those pink duds!

7. Ally Bean - November 20, 2018

Flamingos steal the show every time, don’t they. Color me pink!

nrhatch - November 20, 2018

Flamingos are indeed show stealers ~ whimsy, kitsch + a touch of class and style.

8. colonialist - November 20, 2018

The crew of that ship seem underfed . . .

nrhatch - November 20, 2018

Slim rations indeed!

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