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Hallow E’en Tricks & Treats! November 3, 2018

Posted by nrhatch in Food & Drink, Humor, People, Travel & Leisure.

No trick or treaters in our neighborhood . . . so we headed over to the Costume Contest at the Chamber of Commerce on the island to check out some fun and funky looking kids.

“Want a gum ball?”

“Does this hat make my skin look green?”

“What does a mom have to do to get a little sleep?”

“Yabba Dabba Do!”

And my fave . . . the little engine that could!

From there, we headed to Longboat Key for Happy Hour at the Chart House where I ordered a Monarch Margarita with . . . blood orange!

We enjoyed two appetizers (calories once again ignored) ~> a delicious hummus trio with gluten-free plantain chips for dipping.

And a yummy spinach artichoke dip.

“Does this dip make my teeth look green?”

From there we headed to a Spooky Halloween Party on Bridge Street (with spirits aplenty).  (This shot is a bit shaky because BFF was spooked  by the holiday happenings.  Bwa Ha Ha . . .)

The Bridge Tender Inn had decorations to die for . . .

“Care for a sweet, sweetie?”

“You light up my eyes.  You give me strength to suck your blood.”

“Sure it’s a good look now, but when it rains I get damp brain . . . and let me tell you damp brain is way worse than brain freeze.”

“Chain . . . chain of fools!”

“Don’t come knocking when baby is rocking!”

“Hi!  I’m Meg Ryan after a few too many face-lifts!”

“Don’t take Fright . . . we’re just Spirits in the Night.”

“Bye, bye, sweetie.  So glad you didn’t die!”

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. Jill Weatherholt - November 4, 2018

Florida sure knows how to celebrate Halloween. Looks like a fun time, Nancy. Thanks for sharing your outing with us. Boo!

nrhatch - November 4, 2018

Having no trick or treaters in the neighborhood made Halloween seem like just another night . . .

Seeing the kids at the Chamber of Commerce is a blast.

2. Tippy Gnu - November 4, 2018

How nice it must have been to mix with the beautiful people of Florida.

nrhatch - November 4, 2018

Some of them were real stunners! 😯

3. rivergirl1211 - November 4, 2018

Looks like fun night… aside from the hummus trio. Sounds like a great way to ruin that beautiful blood orange margarita!

nrhatch - November 4, 2018

Not a fan of all things hummus? The only hummus I don’t care for contains mushrooms, eggplant, or . . . nope, that’s it!

4. Kate Crimmins - November 4, 2018

Fun and great weather too!

nrhatch - November 4, 2018

Yes on both counts. The weather was perfect for the little darlings as they trick or treated from shop to shop.

5. joyroses13 - November 4, 2018

Good times! Love the tired Mom idea! I should have done that when my kids were little. LOL!

nrhatch - November 4, 2018

There’s a reason that costume went viral!

Next year, it will be “tired dad” . . . napping on the couch! 🙄

joyroses13 - November 4, 2018

Hahaha!! 🙂

6. Val Boyko - November 4, 2018

What a hoot! 👀
Looks like a fun time was had by everyone!

nrhatch - November 4, 2018

This has been a great week ~ in addition to the Halloween fun, we visited Selby Gardens, the Planetarium, O’Leary’s Tiki Bar, and Columbia Restaurant at St. Armand’s Circle.

It’s the perfect time for sightseeing ~ cooler temps and minimal crowds until January.

Val Boyko - November 5, 2018

Sounds lovely. Shelby Gardens and and Armand’s Circle are calling me these days!

nrhatch - November 5, 2018

Hope you’re able to answer the call! And if you do, let me know if you want to meet up ~ perhaps for Happy Hour at the Chart House?

7. William D'Andrea - November 4, 2018

Only two people showed up at the door to my house on Halloween night! We’ve now got a very large amount of left over candy. This means that I know what I’ll be having for dessert, from now until Thanksgiving, or maybe even beyond.
I’ve read that dark chocolate is good for you; as long as you don’t overdo it. How about the nutritional benefits of milk chocolate?

nrhatch - November 4, 2018

Dark chocolate wins on the nutritional scale . . . but all chocolate is a good mood food which creates endorphins!

8. mybeautfulthings - November 4, 2018

I love how you all do Hallowe’en! We’ve been in the USA several times at this time of year and it is always way over the top and fabulous! Love your photos. 🙂

nrhatch - November 4, 2018

It’s a super fun holiday. And shopping is a breeze ~> CANDY!

9. L. Marie - November 5, 2018

Wow, so much fun! Love the gumball machine costume!

nrhatch - November 5, 2018

That costume made me smile too!

10. Debra - November 7, 2018

I think the gumball machine costume is adorable, too. I’m going to remember that one for recommendation next year. 🙂 We only had one family stop at our house! Our street is tucked away a little bit, but years ago we had plenty of visitors. I was disappointed, but I had been to my granddaughter’s school and watched 6-10 year olds parade around and I saw so many really clever costumes. Some people go all out!

nrhatch - November 7, 2018

That’s the first gumball machine costume I’ve seen ~> cute and colorful! The shift from door-to-door trick or treating to more organized events is not all that surprising, but it makes me a little sad too. I enjoyed growing up with deconstructed summers and freedom filled falls.

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