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10 Unusual Florida Sites September 6, 2018

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Travel & Leisure.

We’ve been to a number of these sites, but we’ve got a few more to go . . . once the oppressive summer heat and humidity lessens its hold on the peninsula.

In the meantime, I think I’ll hang out in the shade of swaying palms for a few more weeks!

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. Tippy Gnu - September 6, 2018

Yes, catch some zz’s beneath some palms. Looks like there’s a lot of atypical but interesting places to visit in your state (I call them “unicorns”). I’d love to go to the Dry Tortugas one day.

nrhatch - September 6, 2018

This is a BIG state with lots of nooks and crannies (and unicorns) to explore. This year we are hoping to make it up to the Pensacola, Panama City, and the Panhandle and down to the Keys & Key West.

Tippy Gnu - September 6, 2018

Sounds like fun. One day I hope to at least visit the Keys, and drive the viaduct to the end.

nrhatch - September 6, 2018

We planned to visit this past winter but then Irma blew through so we decided to wait 12 months.

2. Kate Crimmins - September 6, 2018

Very interesting places. I’ve done some out of the way places there on my trips but I don’t think I hit any of these.

nrhatch - September 6, 2018

We’ve been through Payne’s Prairie and visited Bok Tower, Henry B. Plant Museum, and the Hillsborough River. We want to visit FL Cavern State Park and Falling Waters State Park.

I’d also like to tour the Tampa Theatre. Maybe we’ll go for one of the haunted happening tours.

Kate Crimmins - September 7, 2018

The Tampa Theatre is one I did. I loved Tampa. In another life I traveled to Florida every year and enjoyed it although it was always in the February time frame.

nrhatch - September 7, 2018

Smart thinking, Kate. We are more “active” during the winter months when the temps are perfect for sightseeing.

3. Jill Weatherholt - September 6, 2018

You should work for the Chamber of Commerce, Nancy! There’s so much to see in Florida. Did you know we lived in Jupiter for six months before settling in Charlotte?

nrhatch - September 6, 2018

I don’t think I knew that, Jill ~ but I just heard that Burt Reynolds died in a Jupiter hospital today.

Jupiter real estate can be very “upscale.”

Jill Weatherholt - September 6, 2018

I heard that too, Nancy. My cousin, who was a nurse, worked for the doctor’s office where he was a patient in Jupiter.

nrhatch - September 6, 2018

Definitely a draw for the waiting room, eh? 😉

4. Rainee - September 6, 2018

Thanks for sharing this Nancy – such a diverse state! My favourite was the theatre – beautiful.

nrhatch - September 7, 2018

We are planning a day trip to Tampa this month and may have to swing by the theatre to check it out.

5. L. Marie - September 7, 2018

Needless to say, I haven’t been to any of these, though I would love to visit the Dali Museum! I wouldn’t have the nerve to go cave diving though. Just watching that segment of the video gave me claustrophobia! But what a great resource, Nancy. I’ll have to pass this on to some friends who love to travel.

nrhatch - September 7, 2018

I am often amazed by the offerings on youtube ~ I bumped into this one day while researching for a trip to “the mountains.” Imagine what I could find with concerted effort! :mrgreen:

And I’m with you about cave diving. I’ve visited a few caves with no ill effects . . . but I’ve always been high and dry.

6. Debra - September 8, 2018

I enjoyed the video, Nancy, and appreciate the way the tourist bureau reminds the viewer that there is more to Florida than what immediately comes to mind. I feel the same way about California in that the stereotypes typified in television and movies have presented such a plastic view of such a small segment of the state, and there is so much more that would be “tourist worthy.” I hope the heat and humidity calms soon so you can get out and continue ticking off the places you’d like to visit! 🙂

nrhatch - September 8, 2018

I love your posts about the great state of California ~ you are better than the tourist board at singing its praises . . . and there is so much to sing about!

Monterey Bay
Wine Country
Pacific Coast Highway
San Diego
San Francisco
The Missions
Etc. Etc. Etc.

Here’s to continuing to “tick off the places” we want to see!

7. Tiny - September 9, 2018

Thanks for the tips! Seen only a few of them to date.

nrhatch - September 9, 2018

It’s a B-I-G state! We’ve got a few of these on our radar for this year . . . once the humidity drops and our ambition rises. :mrgreen:

8. Joanne Sisco - September 9, 2018

A great video I’m going to have to share with my sister who spends her winters in Florida.

The Dry Tortugas as well as the Tampa Theatre really caught my eye. Not too sure I’d care to go hiking or kayaking where I’m likely to see alligators though. Yikes!!

hmmm – I may have to plan another trip this winter to visit sister 😉

nrhatch - September 9, 2018

I’m with you. I’m not interested in kayaking around gators. We’ve seen some hiking . . . but at a suitable distance. I did paddle board on a lake that had a sign warning of gators ~> that sign encouraged me NOT to fall off the board!!!

If you do head down to hang out with your sister this winter, keep in mind that we’d love to meet up with you in Sarasota/Bradenton.

Joanne Sisco - September 9, 2018

Cool! You’re in the Sarasota area?! She’s only about 15-20 minutes away. Practically neighbours 😉
You’ve just given me another excuse to head south this winter!

nrhatch - September 9, 2018

Cool! I’d love to meet you face to face (as long as you promise not to run me ragged).

I hope we can hook up.

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