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About My Somewhat Free Book September 2, 2018

Posted by nrhatch in Books & Movies, Happiness, Writing & Writers.

What’s better than spotting a Unique Unicorn?

How about snagging a FREE copy of Unikonics ~> TG’s life philosophy in legible digital printed form!

That’s right! His life philosophy. For FREE!

Chasing Unicorns

Click the Unikonics book cover image above, to skip the nonsense below, and go directly to my book.

I’ve written a book called Unikonics. This book won’t cost you any money, but it will cost you some time. So it’s somewhat free, but not entirely. It’s only 18,000 words, but if you’re a slow reader like me it will require about three hours of your life to complete.

I first wrote this philosophy and self-help book in 2014, and true to self-help form, self-published it on Amazon. I can count on the fingers of one finger how many copies it sold. And that poor bastard who paid 99 cents for it must be kicking himself, because now I’m giving it away free.

I recently had a very boring experience. I was called in for jury duty and had to sit around for hours in a courtroom, waiting for some…

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1. Jill Weatherholt - September 2, 2018

Thanks for sharing, Nancy!

nrhatch - September 2, 2018

It’s an intriguing premise. I look forward to reading it.

2. Debra - September 3, 2018

I’m definitely curious and will access! You find the most interesting people to share with us, Nancy! 🙂

nrhatch - September 3, 2018

Thanks, Debra. I’m great at spotting Unicorns! 😀

3. L. Marie - September 4, 2018

That’s awesome! Love the title!

nrhatch - September 4, 2018

Here’s to getting the most out of life! 😯

4. nrhatch - September 6, 2018

Well . . . I read it. Word for word and cover to cover. On more than a few points, TG and I are in complete agreement. On other points, we part ways.

(1) As TG notes in Unikonics, teachers can point the way, but they are not, themselves, the way:

“I am a finger pointing at the moon. Don’t look at me; look at the moon.” ~ The Buddha

(2) And, of course, some of the parting of ways may have to do with the limits of language rather than true disagreement about the premise under discussion:

Truth has nothing to do with words.
Truth can be likened to the bright moon in the sky.
Words, in this case, can be likened to a finger.

The finger can point to the moon’s location.
However, the finger is not the moon.

To look at the moon, it is necessary to gaze beyond the finger, right?

~ The Laughing Hotei

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